An Introvert girl problems?

I am an introvert. I find it hard in a school life. I am respected and I am liked and respected as a person. But when is too much? The thing people respect me so much! Nothing wrong in that, but that's how many only see me. Only a super nice girl. They don't believe when I say I can get angry or stuff like that. I am a person with feelings good and bad and is not like it offends me or anything but I think people won't try to know me. The real me since many label me as "The nice girl."

People say "I like girls that are nice." But I think they refer only to normal outgoing girls who are nice. Not an introvert who is titled as nice. Maybe that's the reason why I don't believe when people think I am cute (and is only a handful many coming if not all from friends. Girl friends) mainly because I think they are being only nice, because that's the right think to say and do. But I am happy being an introvert, but my mother thinks is because I am shy and I just need to try to change. But I don't want to. An introvert in me, Is me. Why nobody need to change the way they are but I have to? I probably need to tell them that's not me... but I am a private person. I do not express or the necessity to express or talk like others. I just need in views on what you think of introvert people (or girls)?
An Introvert girl problems?
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