Was "Legend of Korra" Liberal or Conservative?

So I was watching "Legend of Korra" and realized they were going for a fairly liberal, feminist thing by the end. Then I wondered, or were they? (Yeah, if you didn't watch the show, you're not gonna understand the question.)

So on a liberal note, Korra, starting in Book 2, becomes very much career focused, powerful woman, political actor. In Book 4, she also travels the world to find herself, becomes bisexual... very liberal, right?

But if you look at the flip side... in Book 1, Korra was very willing to follow authority like her parents, the man who was teaching her airbending (Tenzin), even Mako. And the season ended with her happy and in love with Mako--book two had her become more career focused, and ended with her unhappy and miserable. Book 3 and 4--she suffers severe trauma, *then* cuts off her hair and becomes bisexual, which is quite the stereotype in two ways. Not to mention, Asami was straight in Book 1 when she had a decent home life, but became bisexual after finding out her father was part of a quasi-communist revolt, and he even tried to kill her. Quite the stereotype as well--girls with daddy issues become bi.

So, is Legend of Korra liberal, with powerful female leaders/characters, ending with a bisexual love story?

Or is it conservative, showing that when a woman prioritizes career over love, she ends up miserable? (Korra in book 2) And that girls who are damaged cut off their hair and become bi? (korra in book 3-4)? Along with that girls with daddy issues become bi? (Asami after her dad tries to kill her in book 1?)
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Was "Legend of Korra" Liberal or Conservative?
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