Why do guys just cut off all contact for no reason?

I was seeing this guy for the last couple months..we messed around in high school for several months, but we've been hanging out going to dinner, playing video games watching movies..and I would stay at his place a couple nights a week. We would text each other all the time, mostly mornings and nights to say goodnight..but the last week or so I've been texting him, to say good morning..and have a good day, and good night..but he has not texted or called me back.. but its not just him.. this has happened several times over the last year and a half.. why do they just stop calling? Cut off all contact.. it just confuses me..if they don't want to see me..why can't you just say so...?


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  • The one thing all of the men you mentioned have in common is they're cowards.

    They want to end it with you, but don't want to have to go through the confrontation of actually doing it. They probably think you'll make a scene, get upset and possibly cry. To avoid all of that they simply disappear and figure you'll get the message eventually.


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  • That might be the guy's defense mechanism. That doesn't make it ok, but he might just feel the need to hide from you for some reason. I personally would just try and move on, since he shows no sign of stopping.


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