What do you do if you think someone is feeling overwhelmed you or ignored and you don't know which?

Guy I liked snapped at me - apologized after- bc I asked him if he wanted to do something after I get off work next week.

I don't know if he's bothered bc I asked it b. He feels toyed with bc I'm very distant with people and I don't really act like I like him then bam I ask him out.

He said he's confused but Thing is I dont want to assume he's annoyed but I also don't want to spend time with someone who gets annoyed so easily. Even if he didn't like me or wasn't intersted he should say no not get upset and claim he's confused. If it were me I'd just politely say no.

Anyhow I don't know what to do now. I feel like if I stop talking to him it's harsh bc maybe he's frustrated. But if I spend time with him while he secretly is annoyed and just talks to me out if obligation well that's insulting and I'd be an idiot I just wouldn't know it lol.

So he keeps meetjng with me but I feel weird about what happened. I don't want to run his face in the fact he had a minor tantrum. But I snap feel uncomfortable with " why" reacted that way.

It was a few weeks ago and in half avoiding him half not avoiding him. Bc I'm split 50/50. As long as I don't know why he reacted that way i can't decide fully to stop talking to him it not. It really bothers me obviously and I'd like perspective

Its hard to look at it objectively bc I don't understand his behavior at all just dont ever snap at people . If someone was doing something bothering me I'd tell them way before it got to that point.

If he doesn't want to hang out wouldn't he prefer to say so and be out out if his misery. And if he's still wanting to spend the with me why was it such a big deal that is asked that when I did.

It's like he refuses to communicate then Gets mad bc i don't magically know what's going on.

Everyone knows he's attracted to me and it's easy to tell... Maybe he's conflicted bc he's attracted to me but doesn't like me so he can't say no but can't say yes.

Suggestions on how to handle it?
What do you do if you think someone is feeling overwhelmed you or ignored and you don't know which?
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