Have you ever thought you would end up alone?

Have you ever thought you'd end up alone and never get married or have children? Maybe the way you are, your personality... Have you ever felt alienated from society for Soo many years that you don't think you'll ever meet the right person? People are only attracted to you because of your looks, but they don't seem interested in you as a person at all! The thoughts and ideas you have are as irrelevant to them as a leaf falling from a tree. Everyone likes to think their different and unique but only a small hand full of us are truly are different. Have you ever felt different in a bad way though? Like you don't fit in this time era or something? Your way of thinking is totally different and you seem to have a cruel sense of humor... Or an odd sense of humor. The things that interest you aren't the exactly the same as the type of people your age find amusing ng and fascinating. Have you ever just felt soo alone that it hurt inside, but you have too much pride to talk to someone about these things. When you talk to your parents you feel like your whining because everyone expects you to have no emotional pain. You can't talk to your friends or your boys cuz they'll assume your weak and they'll try to take advantage just like they do drunk girls. You don't intentionally do wrong things but girls just seem to get a bad guy vibe off of you, even when your as polite and as kind as ever. If you've felt any of these things vote pease and If I'm missing something please let me know.
no I've never felt different or alone
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I've felt different and alone for many years now but I never tell anyone
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I like being alone
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Have you ever thought you would end up alone?
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