Are women in general less visual than men?

Women seem to have just so much more control over their visual nature then men do. Well, it might not even be "control" per se, they just... don't seem to straight up in general be as visual as men it seems.

Even if a guy is in a relationship, if a very attractive girl walks by, there's a pretty good chance he will look. Hell, even at the gym, if an attractive girl is working out, almost every guy will look. But if an attractive, very well muscled guy walks by a girl, nothing. Like, almost every time. Not even a glance.

The number goes even FURTHER down when she is in a relationship. All of my single female friends, for the few times they DID steal glances, you can absolutely forget any chance of that happening once they are in a relationship.

I definitely know my fair share of girls who like to steal looks, but even then, it seems EXTREMELY more tame then guys. Girls, any input on this?
Are women in general less visual than men?
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