What makes someone cool or not?

I have a friend who is - I don't know how to nicely say this, she's kind of awkward, very sweet and kind but awkward, especially in comments on Facebook and similar. I don't know how to explain how exactly. Maybe too many !!! and? s - maybe she sounds too enthusiastic or something. Then again I'm very enthusiastic a lot of the time... I don't know.

Example text (she was trying to be funny I think) -
"So, I see you texted [friend] back and not me! How ruuuuude!"

I have noticed that she seems a bit slow to get jokes and tends not to sense sarcasm as easily.

Anyway, I'm wondering - what do you think makes someone cool or average or awkward?

(I want to help because she's expressed concerns about it but I don't know how)
What makes someone cool or not?
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