Should I take him back?

I've been in a relationship with this guy for about 10 months now until I broke up with him recently. It started off great until he lost his job. I loved him, he loved me. Until one day he stopped saying it. He said he didn't want to say it without meaning it. We lived together for a few months until his landlord decided to sell the place. He found a room to rent and I went to live with a friend. I started moving on and finding my own friends. His friends didn't like me because I'm only 18 and he is 30. But we kept seeing each other even after moving out. We started talking more and he started to tell me he loved me again and said he meant it. He even wrote a blog telling his friends that I made him happy and if they were truly his friends they would support him. We saw each other when we could but it was difficult being 30 mins away. I started to feel guilty about him driving an hour round trip just to see me for a few minutes. I have now made new friends and they can't stand him. Last week I met a new guy who was really nice and we had lunch as friends. Then I got in a huge fight with my ex because I canceled plans with him to hang out with my friends. He got all upset with me because I told him I didn't know what I wanted anymore and basically forced me to make the decision to break up with him.

Since then I've been seeing the new guy and he's nice, but I'm still thinking about my ex. My ex has been trying to win me back by sending love quotes and texts and we've talked a few times. I know he's in love with me and wants to work things out, but it's hard to think when he's in the back of my head so I just blocked his number. I told him I'm sorry I just need space and time I'm confused and wanna take things slow. I still love him, but I like this new guy too. Should I take him back or move on? I'm so confused!
Should I take him back?
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