Webcam turned on by itself?

So the other day when I was on my computer my webcam light turned on. I thought that was a bit odd since I did not have the web cam program open. I've covered the cam up since, but now I'm freaked out! I have a full antivirus system on my computer, so what is the likely hood that someone hacked into my laptop?

It hasn't happened since, but I have been watching, hopefully it was a one time thing that wasn't related to a hacker. Do you guys know how to disable the microphone because everyone keeps telling me to do that!?


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  • Antivirus software is designed to work against viruses, not hackers, and the Windows standard firewall is a joke. It's always smart to cover the lens of your webcam when it's not in use, if only to protect the lens from dust and spillage.

    • @update:

      You can only disable an integrated microphone such as the one built-into modern laptops on a software level, by toggling it off from Windows' mixer (if you use Windows).

      Then again, you could take a set of old headphones and plug them into the laptop's microphone jack, as plugging a device there will override the integrated microphone.

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  • If you had downloaded something odd within the past few days of this happening from someone or from a site, there is a chance that someone did hack into it, but it is also possible to start some programs on your computer with "Keyboard Shortcuts" which, with a combination of keys, could start Word or Paint.


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  • Yes, a friend of mine once told me that it is very possible that someone could hack into your computer and watch you when you don't even have an idea about it.

    Also he told me that one of his friends used to do that and all he has to do is to hack your PC number ip.

    Antivirus has nothing to do with it,firewall also has nothing to do with it, it would be better if you could just cover it up with a tiny sticker that could be easily removed so you protect yourself but a hacker would stop there he could check everything you do while you also have no idea.

    My pc was once hacked,alot of photos were taken and they were NOT normal pics so I say just be carefull.dont even trust ur own computer!

    • Wait. how do you know if your being hacked?

    • I have no idea am anything but a geek so I don't have an answer for you....

      My ex was hacking my pc for god knows how long, he took pictures, saw everything I do..i had no idea..

      you could never know that's the problem , my laptop is always on as I like to listen to music andi couldbe changing or something, its freaky sh*t !! how do those people sleep at night...just wondering...

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