Can I Facebook message his roommate?

OK, so my boyfriend broke up with a month ago. we were dating 2 years long distance. I wasn't really close with his room mate very much. He was probably on there half the amount of time when I visited him. They are both in the military.

He deleted his Facebook or has deleted me as a friend and has blocked me from his search. There are about three accounts that show up under his name with no picture, no location, and no viewable friend list in the search. Does this mean he has a Facebook or does it not, still?

I have Facebook applications out

Superpoke: His name now says: Facebook user.

Friends for sale: his name now says: private.

I've also used another Facebook account to look up his profile for his network. I couldn't find anyone with his name that had his network under it also. So I guess I'm not blocked. My friends haven't found him either on their sites, so I'm not sure. He could have blocked them too, and erased them from the search.

Would it be wrong to message his roommate? I think I had his phone number but lost it. I also was so upset that I deleted all of his friends too from my Facebook including this guy.

Would it be wrong to just simply ask him if my ex purposely blocked me/deleted me, and if he is seeing someone else? Maybe it's what I need to move on. He basically said he doesn't feel the same way about me when we broke up.
Can I Facebook message his roommate?
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