How to make him like me?

Well here's my story, ever since I started to work at my new job I noticed this adorable guy.

At first I didn't think of him as anything, then after a while I started to develop feelings for this guy. See the thing is, there is this one good looking guy at work out of all the guys but I don't feel attracted to him. The good looking one has this exotic face, like a Calvin Klein model or something. But I don't like him, I like the other one, the less attractive one, although he seems adorable to me.

Usually when he comes in I am sooo happy that he's there, but sometimes he just doesn't look at me like he likes me. He lights up my day at work to be honest. All I want to do is stand next to him ALLLL DAY! =]

he smiles at me, and he's nice to me, but then again everyone else is. But when he's not looking I just look at him until he looks back. Which he does. Then I look away. (complicated? Yes)

he says hi to me and all, but he doesn't talk much to me. How do I get him to notice me more than a co-worker. I mean we talk just not all the time. I'm the youngest one there and everyone thinks I'm older. (which sucks by the way). Lol

So someone please tell me how to make him like me even more without making this hard for me. Did I mention he's adorable and sweet? LOL

what details shall I pay attention to IF he likes me?
How to make him like me?
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