I've added my crush on Facebook!

1) the crush lasted for two years now.

2) During the first months at uni, we were looking at each other across the classroom/ lecture hall (we're at university), I have never fallen that deep with anyone before. Think she liked me.

2)had the courage to ask for her name near the start of the 1st year.

3) For some reason, I ignored her when she said "hi"

4) Didn't talk for the rest of the year, because of that.

5) I tried to talk to her once this year, but it didn't went too well. It was a silly conversation which was very awkward. She smiled the whole way through.

6) During the 2 years after I stupidly ignored her, at the start of lectures and labs, she spotted where I was and then turn her head away pretending she didn't see me.

7) I smiled at her whenever my body was facing towards her, she kinda smiled but avoided my eyes.

8) Whenever she was alone and I was with my mates, she would ignore me completely. Whenever I was alone and she was with her friends, I would ignore her.

9) We were both given each other mixed signal.

10) missed a lot of opportunities to say hi with her (I just can't get my mouth to utter anything)

11) We are in the same lab group, we never sit together.

12) she's shy but is more outgoing in terms of clubbing and partying.

13) I'm shy too and not that outgoing.

14) Her birthday was last month, I didn't wish her a happy birthday (was kinda busy but I cud have gone up to her).

She accepted me on Facebook, I want to show that I'm interested in her. Based on the above situation: do I send her a message to say I like her and want to get to know her more, or do I try and flirt?

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Ok I've sent a private message on FB about wanting to get to know her more. Also said "if she doesn't want this, please say" kinda thing. Its been almost a week and she hasn't replied yet...Is there a chance she didn't know she has mail on FB :-S
I've added my crush on Facebook!
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