Girls! Why do some of you tend think that all guys are terrible after a break up?

I saw this girl for a while and after we went on a break because of the distance she started growing distant. I came to find out that now, a couple months later she has the impression that she broke up with me and that I am as terrible as her ex who cheated on her/broke up with her several times to see other girls.

I kept my cool through the break because she'd be back home in a few months and still cared about her a lot. When we were together I was always a gentleman, opened doors for her, walked her to her front door, etc. It's like she forgot all of those things and doesn't want anything to do with guys at all right now because I apparently didn't give her enough space. We talked maybe once a week and it was usually just friendly.

The first few weeks she was gone one of her friend's boyfriend broke up with her and I think that started a huge man-hating festival and our relationship deteriorated pretty quickly after that. Now, I'm a bad guy for basically doing nothing wrong. Case in point: we went to Portland last summer and stayed with her friend up there, her friend wrote on her Facebook page something about when she was going to come up to visit again and her response was "Soon! A trip by MYSELF is definitely in order... or with another girl, no more boys >< haha"

We had a great time on that trip, 24 hours in a car together, no arguments. We had a blast in the city with her friend and his boyfriend. I don't understand this.

Why am I bad guy in her eyes now? Girls please tell me what's going on here. Most of my girl friends don't do this stuff, get along with guys better, or are over this kind of thing. It's all pretty confusing and its starting to p*ss me off because I feel like I'm just being slandered for no reason.
Girls! Why do some of you tend think that all guys are terrible after a break up?
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