Do you think my views are radical, that I think "we shouldn't see adult females as `Women` and adult males as `Men`, but rather as `individuals`"?

Some people think I'm being "PC" (politically correct) and "radical" by saying that we SHOULDN'T use gender stereotypes to expect a male or a female to be a certain way; and instead, we should rather get to know them as a person (as an individual) - and see their views with their own personality into account, WITHOUT actually attributing their behavior and beliefs to their biological sex.

For example, a guy says "I like motor bikes", and you could think "of course he likes motor bikes, guys love motor bikes".
But maybe we could just accept that he is interested in the inner workings of motor bikes, and not just because he has a dong.

Or for example, a girl says "I like to cook and bake cookies", and you could think "of course she likes baking, cooking is a woman's job in the kitchen". Or maybe you could just think she likes the creativity involved in creating delicious food she can make for herself, her friends, or her family. Or that this is actually just a valuable skill she learned or possibly likes doing.

Liking to bake things doesn't actually make you less of a male, and liking motor bikes doesn't make you any less of a female. I also don't think baking things makes you any more female, and I also don't think liking motor bikes makes you any more male.
I mean, being male means you function as a biological male, and being female means you function as a biological female. That doesn't really have anything to do with your interests nor your occupation.

So WHY the hell would we attribute certain interests to a particular sex? Do people SERIOUSLY BELIEVE that HAVING a schlong makes you more interested in cars, and having boobs makes you more interested in baking cookies?

I personally do not subscribe to this sort of sexist belief system, but apparently a bunch of people think I'm radical. Do you think I'm being radical?
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The problems occur when you think every woman is a gold digger or wants to be treated like a princess, or that guys should initiate everything because they're assertive. Or things like women are worse at math because they are worse at spatial visualization. That men "go for what they want" even if it requires violence. That women live to serve Men. Beliefs such as "guys and girls can never be friends", "women are incomprehensible", "men only think with their dicks", etc.

These are a problem.
Do you think my views are radical, that I think "we shouldn't see adult females as `Women` and adult males as `Men`, but rather as `individuals`"?
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