Why do guys shut their emotions off so easily? Guys preferably , but woman advice is always good too

I think it depends on how they’ve grown up through their past. For me for instance, I’ve been the one that’s grown to custom of feeling my feelings, and expressing them. I’ve had to bring myself out of that whole, and get in touch with those feelings. Also having a mother that’s taught me those aspects, and have had a life long lesson upon 12 step meetings, and so forth with her. So in a way I’ve been brought up with having some ways to feel, and to analyze those feelings.

I feel faith also has some things to do with emotions, and how to deal with life as it comes. And to some degree I don’t think we shut down our emotions, but hide them, suppressing them, because it’s easier that way. Have you ever seen guys apologize to one anther? It’s easier for us to deal with an issue, because it’s not apart of expressing those feelings. And that’s where I think men have a hard time with emotions, because it’s a part of suppressing them, rather than putting ourselves into a position in which we become vulnerable.

Now for me those are my views, can’t talk in behalf of every male on earth, but that’s what I believe to be true on that subject.


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