Does my coworker like me?

I'm the receptionist/security officer for a company, and I have this coworker who always smiles at me and looks at me. One time he came up behind me and said "boo!" To get my attention, when I looked at him he asked how I was doing I told him good, and I asked him how he was, he responded good, just getting the checks, he got them and then he smiled at me saying see you later, another time he had me look something up for him, where he came and sat right by me on the counter, extremely close, so close I could feel his body heat, after I did that he said thanks and let me know if it doesn't work, another time he saw I had an item from a restaurant, he said it looks good and smiled then said he really likes the restaurant, then he walked away, most recently he asked me if I liked a musical artist, that was on the radio at the time, I told him I don't know that it was just on the radio, he laughed and said he really likes the artist.. Are these signs he likes me? Oh. Yeah he's also looked back at me and smiled while walking with his boss. I like him a lot I want to know if he likes me, also I work for the security company, not the same company he works for, we are a contracted service..

Now, how else how could I flirt back? He's sooo different then the guys I've had flirt with me, he's successful and schooled, and smooth lol, I'm new to the flirting thing though so I'm confused on what to do next
Lol well, being security, I'm stuck with wearing a uniform, complete with a tie, very professional looking you know, to the point where it doesn't accent any curves but that what they want, but yes I do wear glasses sometimes, and I have to wear my hair up
Also I have four cameras on me at all times so I have to be pretty careful and professional, well discreet, in saying that what now?
So how can I flirt with him discreetly?
Well he now is checking if I am okay up where I am posted at as well as actually listening to my story despite the act he is busy, when I radioed him to let him know that he had a call, he said go ahead then a second later in a more hushed tone
He said hon, at least that is what it sounded like, we have very clear radios, the whole time we were talking we had eye contact and he was leaning toward me
Today. Had to have him sign something and I commented on how he signed his name i told him it looked like a dr's signature and he laughed, smiled and said thanks for the compliment, I told him ur welcome, I then said at least no one can copy it,
And he said yeah, laughed and then he said the next time you call me dr and his last name I told him okay and he smiled, went into the warehouse,needless to say I didn't have to call him but I'd tell him bye dr, and he said he waited for me to call him
I told him I will on sat which is when I will see him next so what now? I like him soooo much
Well now he wants me to sing for him lol and to call him Dr more things have happened but its the same over and over
Well needless to say the guy never did anything to go forward, but my best friend did, I am happy to say as of 9/10/11 I am very happily married


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  • Hmmmm... You should arange a night out with a couple of friends at a bar local to your work. Make sure he is working on the day you decide to go. It's probably best if you invite only female friends. Prefereably female friends that are less attractive than you or his eyes could roam.

    Say in passing when he nexts visits that you and some friends are going to be having some drinks on "whichever" date you have planned and say that he should come along.

    If he accepts then "GAME ON". Make sure that on the day/night in question you prepare yourself.

    This is where you use your assets. If you have great legs then show them off! Show off a bit of cleveage (tight white blouse is perfect for this. High heels are a must (provided you can walk in them, Nothing worse than a woman wibble wobbling all over the shop).

    If there is a pool table in the bar you choose then use this to your advantage. Even if you are terrible at pool this gives you many opportunities (and him if he reads the situation right). Ask one of your friends if they would like a game of pool. Hopefully one of them will say yes. If not don't worry you can ask the "victim" :), I'm sure he will say yes.

    Thsi is your opportunity to show off your curves. Get down low to the table showing your butt off and giving him sly glimpses of your bra through your low cut top. This will get him so hot.

    Grap the cue in a sexual manner and slide the cue back and forth nice and slow when taking your shot.

    If you are good a the game then he WILL be impressed. If you are bad do not worry as this is where you ask him to show you how to play. This is where we'll see how smooth this guy is. If it was me I'd move right up behind you and show you what to do. This gives him and you a chance for your bodies to be up close. When he is behind you take the opportunity to bend over and press your butt into his groin. What man isn't gonna love that. The rest should be history.

    Now here is a solution just in case your friends don't want to go to a bar or the bar you choose. Only to be used if you are bravve enough. You still tell him that you are going out with friends to a bar. You go there and wait for him. When he get there you tell him that you are glad he showed up as you have just had a call from your freinds saying their ca has broken down so they both can't make it.

    This will give you a chance to spend time with just him but the downside is that he might not up.

    hope I've helped.

    Good Luck

    Swagger :)


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  • He likes you at least enough to get some flirt on!

    Find an empty diary and write "available" against every date on the pages around and after today's date. Wait for him to come and visit and open that diary to the page with that days date on whilst he is there. Hopefully he will get the message and ask you out on a date. If not then you are gonna have to give him a slap upside the head and ask him right out.

  • Wear low cut top, high rise skirt... with stockings.. think Classy porn :) His jaw is sure to drop to the floor,

    Do you wear glasses? Have your hair up and look at him above the rims with a pen in your mouth.. that sh*t drives a man wild?

  • This guy needs to write a book. He wooed you and has you now!


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  • aww congrats. he sounds like a sweet guy. I hope your guys' date goes well.

  • Let your hair down and wear nice natural look make-up. Just go with the flow and flirt. But not too strong! :) You go Gurl! xo