What do people think of people who are anti gay?

So I'm still living with my mom and dad going to school etc now my mom is incredible anti gay.
And I've been told a lot of her oppions are closed minded personally I think about 99% of her point are not valid. Like she think we should eat local all year round ok we live in Washington shit doesn't grow in the winter. But back to main point she highly anti gay she says it's a sin worthy of being the 8th deadly sin ( you know what 7 deadly sins) the trannys don't even get her started she says there creepy freaks that need to be locked up. I've know trannys gender people for the most part there cool people I've know gays my thing is I'm not gay don't hit on me beyond that do your homosexual thing with other people and they are resonable about it. But I've lost friends and girlfriend because of her opinions that are looked down apon in today socialy like anti gay kick the homeless of the street don't provide housing for them just get them out of there is her oppion. The homeless thing is a problem and a lot of them come from really horrible background and we do need to help them at least get a studio apartment they did that for one guy in Seattle and now he paints and sell them on the street to make a living but yea that's 1 case anyway.

what do you think of people who are anti gay?
What do people think of people who are anti gay?
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