Would you date a guy that couldn't protect you?

He's short and doesn't know how to fight. When he got into a fight in High school with his friend over a girl he just put his hands up and started crying in front of everyone. Since he's so little people pick him up a lot and lift him. He didn't let his height or weight bother him until high school. If someone was to try to kill you he wouldn't be able protect you, If someone wanted to fight you he'd try to protect you but he can't fight and you would most likely have to protect him from danger.

But let's say you were sick, have the flu and couldn't move- he can take care of you, feed you and make you feel better. If you were sick and dying he could probably cure you, he can make treatment feel better, he will cook you healthy meals, kiss you and even take care of you if you pee or poop on yourself and makes it less embarrassing for you. He's like a nurse he's studying to be a doctor.
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Would you date a guy that couldn't protect you?
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