Why can't Americans understand this?

First off, let me say I adore America. I lived there for 4 years and I consider it my second home. People are friendly and welcoming, and I admire countries with so much history. So for you Americans reading this, don't hate me haha.
BUT. why can't they understand that guns should be banned? So many of them will give this shitty ass reason : "to protect ourselves, we need guns." no. NO. to protect yourselves, you need to ban the guns. Just push the "on" button of your brain and think : if no one had guns, why would you even need a gun to protect yourself? It just seems like (almost) the WHOLE WORLD understands this and has banned guns and Americans just won't understand ! I grew up in Europe, where there are very strict laws concerning guns. And you can't just go to your local gun store and get one. And guess what? We have FEWER cases of shootings and gun murders BY FAR. Parents are even teaching their KIDS how to handle a gun! And then they come crying when a toddler accidentally shoots his own mother because he was playing around with the gun (actually happens, not making this up)! Wtf? Worst part is, Obama tried doing something about it, but he was stopped in his tracks... Smh. Honestly, if someone understands why thy won't ban guns , please explain. It pains me so much to see all these people dying in a country I have so much love for.
I'm American. We need guns to protect ourselves. Ever heard of freedom? (Please explain in the comments)
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I didn't make myself very clear. I'm not saying they should make guns ILLEGAL because that wouldn't solve anything. I mean to say that if there was a procedure to get a gun, it would be a great start. Like asking for the person's mental/physical situation, looking for eventual previous crimes, etc... That way the people who want to get a gun have to show that they are capable of using it rightly.
Why can't Americans understand this?
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