Why is racism towards Asians or Indians or even Muslims considered "Ok"?

Asian men (along with Indian and Muslim men) are constantly emasculated and denied leading roles in movies. Women are brainwashed into thinking that they are patriarchal and not good dating choices. They also are subject to many forms of racism in said movies. If the media was racist to Blacks or Latinos, there would be public outrage and the editor or writer would be fired.

Saying the n word would get me fired or suspended from school, but saying an Asian/Indian/Muslim slur is considered ok?

But, people ignore or even encourage racism towards Asians. Asian stereotypes are treated as the truth, unlike Blacks and Hispanics, whose stereotypes are simply seen as jokes. The media forces women to not see Asian men as sexy. Asian men are constantly mocked for "Small D*cks, bad social skills, nerdy). Indian men have similar stereotypes and are portrayed as "smelly and creepy", and Muslims... are treated as terrorists. Yet, if a White man stereotyped an African American or Latino, he would face a lot of trouble or even be fired from his job.

Asian women are also hypersexualized in movies, while Asian men are seen as asexual.

Additionally, schools teach about Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement and even slavery and the Civil War. They never talk about Japanese internment camps or US colonization of Philippines and Vietnam. The media almost never talks about the effects of US drone strikes on Syrian children.

Many movies and video games portray Asians and Muslims as the enemy (Modern Warfare, World at War, Battlefield 3 and 4, Lone Survivor).

Affirmative action also makes it harder for Asians to get into college.

Asians work hard and earn more, but seldom make it to the top executive positions or in political positions. Even Indians are CEOs and politicians.

Why is racism against Asians ok?
Why is racism towards Asians or Indians or even Muslims considered "Ok"?
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