Would you date a guy that screams a lot?

Let's say your dating a guy and when he gets really angry he just screams. sometimes he gets so angry he screams loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Sometimes he says words, or sometimes it's just him straight up screaming with rage and punching walls for a few minutes.

One one night he felt so upset, so angry that he screamed, and kicked in his bed for 14 minutes straight. Then he lost his voice for 3 months.

He screamed at the teacher, screamed at a little girl and made her cry.

he knows he has a problem and tries to control his screaming by taking medicine and planting flowers. There are times he physically can't talk. But he's nice, listens well, cooks well and cares for animals, he hugs you and pays for every date.

date him or not?
Yes I'd date him.
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I'd only be his friend
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Avoid him completely.
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I'm a guy, I'd date a girl like this.
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I'm a guy I would never date a girl like this.
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Would you date a guy that screams a lot?
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