Question for weed smokers, why are people obsessed with weed?

Ok disclaimer, obviously this does not apply to ALL weed smokers, Only some. But in my personal experience it seems I encounter this behavior often. I'm personally a defender of weed, I think it should be legal and I think it can be a good thing. It's not as harmful as cigarettes or even alcohol for that matter. SO please take this with a grain of salt, I'm sorry to offend anyone but I'll explain the best I can.

I personally never used weed in my life. And for now I don't feel like it, I might do it one day but I don't care for it now. It seems that whenever I run into a weed smoker they can't respect that. They assume I'm boring, they have to sit there and try to convince me to try it, pressuring me, they act like weed is the greatest thing in the world and those who don't do it are missing out on life.

I also don't like how sometimes people use weed as an excuse to act irresponsibly because they think weed is a magic plant. I have friends who drive high, and when people are very high, they become more impaired and start to take more risks, just like drunk drivers. It does depend on how high someone is also to be fair.

I am puzzled how they treat it like a religion, weed culture. 420 this, 420 that. How the people I encountered don't know how to have fun unless weed is involved. How if I go somewhere and I'm the only one that's no smoking weed people can't respect that and think I'm an odd person.

In my experience it seems to be mostly Americans like this.

What are your thoughts?
Question for weed smokers, why are people obsessed with weed?
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