Why The Left Is Freaking Out Over President Trump -- And Is So Desperate To Make Sure He Fails ============== =========== ========= =================?

Let's cut to the chase shall we? This is pretty simple. The left knows that if President Trump manages to create a successful recovery from the years of Obama economic malaise, and to create a Reagan-like booming economy, then progressive liberals are finished FOREVER. Especially if he can bring economic relief to the inner cities where most minorities live, places that have become far worse off after Obama's failed socialist economic agenda. If President Trump can fix the damage, the left will lose inner city minority votes forever, just as they have already lost the middle class vote to President Trump. The Democrats and their welfare state will be finished for good.

So that's why they are having seizures over President Trump. They are terrified he will succeed. They MUST make him fail or they are done.

The last thing they want is for inner city minorities, the only real supporters they have left, is to be lifted out of poverty by conservative economic policy. That would be a terminal catastrophe for the Democrats. It would end their "victimhood" scam, which is pretty much all they have left to fool inner city minorities into voting for them. It's their last trick, and President Trump, by virtue of the fact that he may just succeed in turning the economy around, is therefore giving them seizures.

Democrats MUST keep inner city minorities in poverty and dependence. They MUST keep them convinced they are helpless victims of an evil racist country, that they can't think for themselves and need powerful white liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton to see that they get their "fair share." The Democrats very existence depends on it. So they will do everything in their power to sabotage President Trump to make sure that the plight of suffering minorities never changes.

That's the sick and evil state of the Democrats in 2016: a nauseating perversion of a once great political party.
Why The Left Is Freaking Out Over President Trump -- And Is So Desperate To Make Sure He Fails ============== =========== ========= =================?
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