How can I get him to stop playing video games?

My boyfriend doesn't have a job.

He failed his college classes.

He has put out relationship at stake a few times.

How can I show him video games are ruining his life?


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  • Sorry to say this but most of the time the guys have to learn it themselves - It's not really nothing you can "show" him.

    I have never really been the gaming type but I have had my share of friends that are glued to there tv playing that game.

    You can wait it out and hopefully he will grow out of this, or you can put your foot down and give him a choice either you or the games.

    Tell him that he doesn't have to quit the game totally but you would at least like him to make time for you.

    If he can't do that and at least show you the attention and respect that you deserve then maybe you need to find someone else that can show you that .

    • What if he choose the games over me?

      Thats says a lot about me, and whether I am good enough or not.

    • Yea, just lay it out there and show him that really and truly nothing good comes from you play video games just like citizen_snips said -

      If he was to choose the games over you, trust me, it's not because your not good enough. It's just because he is in this little zonbie like state, addicted to playing video games like a crack addict ya know.

      Whether you leave him or not is up to you, but maybe if you did, he would snap out of it and realize what he has lost.

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  • If he chooses video games over you, it doesn't say anything about you and if you are good enough or not. It says a lot about him and where his priorities lie. There is nothing wrong with you.

    He'll probably have to come to the realization himself that he is currently going nowhere in life while playing video games constantly. I play in my spare time, but I know that there are other things that come first. I think you should lay it out to him that he is failing college, has no job, is on the verge of losing you, and any other thing you can think of because he is lazy and playing games all the time.

    You should bring this to him and he'll have to mull it over for a while before he realizes that you're right. If not, he's going to waste away on his parents' coach.

    • I have tried talking to him and nothing seems to work.

      How should I present this to him?

    • If you brought it to his attention mulitple times before, it might be time to offer an ultimatum. You should have someone that will put just as much effort into the relationship as you. He isn't doing that and if he doesn't change, he will lose you. Maybe you leaving will finally snap him out of it.

  • I like video games as much as the next guy, but after the situations you mentioned, I think he should see it might be time for a little less gaming. Most things in moderation are fine, too much of any one thing is no good.

  • If he is playing video games as much as he is, then it is unlikely that he is going to stop any time soon. You can tell him what you've just told us. If he refuses to listen or refuses to do anything about it, then it's time for you to find a new boyfriend, because this one isn't going anywhere.

    You can tell him that he should stop, but you can't make him.

  • why do all the losers get a girl?


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  • and WHY are you going out with this loser? he should be your ex. guys like that don't deserve to have gfs. does he even have money to take you out on dates or do you pay for everything? step your standards up and find a real man