It is Black History Month . What was true then is true today . But now regardless of race?

My grand father used to say
if you want to know about America
listen to Malcolm X or George Carlin

revised to include... But now regardless of race or political party?


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  • I don't know about black history month but I do know that slavery has been around since Egyptian time and racism of multiple races have never actually be solved.

    • Black History Month is observed every February in the United States.
      It's about the history of Black people and famous African Americans.

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    • oh i see . you didn't make that very clear .
      aside from posting the speech with my comment, the connection is personal .

    • Oh.. What's personal about? Or is that too personal! We could pm if that'll be more comfortable

  • I have cuckolded a few liberal white guys in college during black history month as their girlfriend wanted to make reparations for slavery and to ease their white guilt. These white guys just went along with it choosing to watch and jerkoff or wait outside while I gave their girlfriends the wood they never could.


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  • We have had Black history luncheons at my work... I dont attend because they usually turn into a political rally.

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