Song lyrics in Facebook status? Ugh....

I just want to know why girls feel the need to post stupid song lyrics in their Facebook status' so much. Most of the lyrics they put in there are only *slightly* what they are really trying to say, and are often confusing as hell.

Example: This girl I'm dating says she's over her ex and hates him, then she posts this big long thing in her profile starting with "I remember how we used to make love" or something... and I was like "Whaaat...?"

I grabbed the whole thing and put it into Google and it came out as lyrics to a song, but wtf?

It left me confused as he11 until I looked it up.

My friend said it was "Just song lyrics" and didn't mean anything, but I see it as far from harmless. I've seen a lot of girls doing this pretty often and I have to ask...

WTF ladies?

Why do you put this kind of crap in your status?

Don't you realize the kind of misunderstandings this can cause?
Song lyrics in Facebook status? Ugh....
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