Trumps decision of no transgenders in the US army?

So as a Dutchie from the Netherlands we have a lot of American news. the latest is ofc that trump doesn't want transgenders in the army.

I for one can understand why. Just don't overthink it, think logical. How will it be for all the rest? I'm sure they don't feel comfortable.. what happens when people are not comfortable with each other? they often bully them away. sometimes it results in suicide. but then again that's overthinking it. but I'm sure somewhere you think.. "yh that does make sense.."

So now trump decides that and what does this shitty country Wich I'm living in? "We allow transgenders in our army!!"... we don't even have a parlement right now.. it does not make sense to me one bit. where is the positive in this?

but in the end. I don't think transgenders won't really think about joining the army. so.. yh. it all just sounds dumb to me and feels like an act of power.

what's ur opinion? what do you think of this all? and what kind of influence does American Politics have on your country?
Trumps decision of no transgenders in the US army?
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