Do YOU Think Ted Cruz Would Be A Good President?

Do YOU Think Ted Cruz Would Be A Good President?I know I do lot's of these, but I'm really just wondering, heh. So what do you think? Would he be a good president?

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  • Yes, a Born Again Christian as he is, However... Not as much Triumph as Trump, With being Full Fledged and Pledge Forceful Here, dear, On Political Matters. xx


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  • No as during the 2016 U. S. Presidential elections every single time he was on television whether at the debates or any other time all he did was beef, bitch, complain and howl about everything under the sun and never contributed anything positive.

    He also had a very bad habit almost every time he was speaking he would bring up about his Father that when he first came to this Country he was washing dishes for.50 cents an hour and no one really cared about his Father and the fact that when is Father had first come to this Country had nothing to do with running for U. S. President and what he was going to do for our Country and all of the hard working tax payers.

    He was just another "Walking Talking Rectum" who did not have a chance in hell in becoming the next U. S. President and it was the same thing with the moron in the photo attached and Thank God she was not elected...

    • Yeah. Your comments are not any better. If he brought up his father that does not in any way disturb me, and probably is a more relatable note. I find it reasureing that during his time of trial he needed to remember his family. It makes him more accountable in my opinion. And his tax reforms to cut taxes on small businesses and reforms to fix social security were not positive. Trump just called and said you probably shouldn't be able to comment anymore cause your ugly so it will make you biased against the reform of Ted's appearance.

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  • I don't think so, personally. He lacks a confident personality. He does not have an aura of leadership.

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  • No because he is so ugly I would never watch the news. Not that Trump isn't ugly. But Ted is a little harder to look at.

    • Is that how you base voting for a possible U. S. President because they are ugly in your eyes?

      I have bad news for you as I just got off the phone with Ted Cruz and he told me to tell you that you are so ugly that you have a face that only a Mother could love and he would not vote for you even if you paid him...

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    • This is not a person issue for me it's just an opinion. And I find it funny that you have a hard time hearing this. But Ted is not the certain caliber the gun of America takes. You can say all of that is superficial, but superficial things are relevant in this world. If millions of people are going to look at you and hear you speak it does matter what you look like. Call Ted and tell him maybe to get a stylest and get a fitness routine to help with his over all package. His speaking is charismatic enough, his tax reform was good. As for immigration policy and school vouchers those didn't seem solid but neither did Thrump's and he got in. If a man who says the most ignorant things any president has ever said can get into office before your candidate there are obviously flaws in him. Maybe if people were more open to change and taking things not offensively but constructively there could be change.

    • You have to be GREAT to be a great American President. When you are too narrow minded to accept the cruel irony of the world and fight it in the ways you can to get what you want, then you will not achieve greatness.

  • But... he's the zodiac killer!

    Just kidding.

  • lyin Teddy lol

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