Meeting guys as a girl doctor?

I'm a doctor working in a clinic, not in a hospital with heaps of other people. So, all I see day to day are patients...

How do I meet guys?

My friends from med school are all married and don't go out at all, let alone have any single friends...

Anyone else in a similar boat?

I feel envious whenever I hear of other people meeting people through work...


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  • Doctor, I would recommend not going to the bars since those men aren't of your maturity and caliber. I would recommend that you identify your interests, besides work, and go to those places that have your interests. For example, if you like art, go to an art museum. If you like to cook, take a cooking class. You will definitely meet people at those places. If that's not fast enough for you, try internet dating, although it is more of a gamble.

    • I agree. Take up a class, go to the gym, there is a website called meetup that has interest groups where you can join and meet others with similar interests... personally--the internet dating thing I see it as more of a hassle than its worth.. But hope you see some increase in luck soon with whatever you do... !

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  • As I medschool applicant, I imagine (or hope) Ill be in this boat soon. Keep in mind that guys are everywhere, where ever a pretty girl is at - we have a guy on the scene. Its probably your busy schedule that is obtrusive, because you have less time for hobbies or social events than other people. Don't be afraid to go after someone you randomly meet (like that cute guy you bump into at the bookstore, etc). Good luck.

  • I'll be your patient!

    Just kidding. Have you tried online dating?

    Medical school really is a gift and a curse. I've been on the other side of this coin having been scorned by a med school girl myself. We're still friends, but then again she hardly has time for friendship either.


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