Why do guys blow you off/act unaffected after a REALLY fun time?

I came with my friend to see her "friend," well turns out his roommate was there, and while my friend was busy making out we talked for hours, laughed A LOT, and we ended up staying the night because my friend was passed out. I ended up sleeping in the same bed as him (he knew I didn't mean to stay the night but I didn't want to leave her, and he knew I was a virgin by the way and never made out); well, he asked if I wanted to make out but I said maybe later (It's because I I've only known him for one night!) & the later that morning I let him put his arm around me, but didn't let him touch my breast when he tried, but I did let him grope my ass...Well here's the dilemma, I like him for him but I'M not easy like that. And I wanted to see him again, but stupidly didn't ask him for his #...

so I told his roommate to give him a message for me: that he can call me anytime...and now I haven't heard a word. BTW he definantly found me attractive. Why do guys do this? Have a great time and act unaffected?


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  • Because they already got what they want.


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