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What's your opinion on catcalling?

Unfortunately, as I'm sure you probably know, catcalling is an issue that women face all the time. Big city or small one. As uncomfortable of a topic it seems to be for many people, it's still an on-going issue. The question is why? In this particular video, the girl has some slick comebacks to make the callers uncomfortable.. But unfortunately, most females would never have that sort of courage to talk back. Personally, I live in a pretty small city.. (At least in my area) it's got 20,000 residents.. And the downtown area is basically one street. I've never once been able to walk down there alone without getting creepy states.. I was followed home once by this one guy in a truck, actually.
I just read a statistic that 96% of women under 40 have been cat called in the past year. How crazy is that?

Anyways! What's your opinion on catcalling? Do you see it happening? Does it happen to you? How does it make you feel to see this sort of thing happening?


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  • Only assholes or guys who feel pressured to be "macho" catcall.

    When was the last time you heard the story, "when I first met my husband, he hollered at me from the sidewalk, telling me how fat my booty is. I thought he was cute, so I let him follow me for a few blocks before telling him how much I appreciated him noticing my big round behind. He made me feel special that day..."


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  • "Say mami!"
    "... Son?"
    😂 Ah, that was priceless.

    Anyway... I don't really have a strong opinion towards cat-calling, because I have never actually experienced or seen the kind of cat-calling that was shown in the video. I think I've had a "hey, pretty lady!" thrown at me once and only once in my entire life. Granted, I live in a big city, so it's probably different from smaller cities or more rural areas. Plus, it's Canada, and we've supposedly got world-renowned manners over here, lol.

    But, in regards to whether the idea of being cat-called makes me uncomfortable, my opinion is this: it depends on whether the verbal remains verbal or transitions into something physical. As long as the cat-caller doesn't make any move to follow me, I wouldn't particularly care for it. People can scream as much obscenities as they want; as long as they're not impeding me physically or getting in my personal space, I'm rather detached about it.

    Given that most of my uncomfortable experiences with strangers have consisted of said stranger getting up close and personal and engaging me in a conversation that I don't wish to have, a simple cat-call from across the street or from a passerby would actually be kind of a welcome reprieve. As long as they're not sitting around to chat, they're welcome to shout as much as they want as we pass each other by.

    • Ah gotcha! But I'm glad you don't really see it or experience it! Also.. Interestingly enough.. I'm noticing that it seems to be moreso an American thing.. Which I didn't really think would be applicable but it seems to be!

    • Well, my experiences have been rather limited and I can really only speak for a myself and a handful of people that I know, but cat-calling doesn't seem to be so common over here. Nowhere as frequent or as intense as that video showed.


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  • It's shitty. I can't imagine being hit on or getting unwanted sexual attention from strangers.
    The worst thing that has happened is people approaching me for money or saying racist stuff to me (I'm Asian).
    Just a general rule of thumb, if a stranger is to approach another stranger, they should be courteous and polite.

    • Aw.. I'm sorry to hear that.. People are such pricks these days.. But actually! That's a good point! I've never thought about it that way, but it's certainly true!

  • I'm really sorry that women have to put up with that. It's really low class behavior on the part of the guys who do it, and it's actually a sign of how insecure and weak they are. They think it makes them look cool when it's just pathetic.

    • So true man. LOL at the same time I dont see really why girls make so much noise over this half the time guys do it though as a abstract way of complimenting girls in some cases though.

  • Sure saying "nice ass" or "mama" or "OOH" is cat calling, but saying hello, or giving a compliment, or asking how she is doing, isn't cat calling, it's being friendly. It's all subjective, because apparently the creator of the video thinks all those interactions are cat-calling. When some of those were just innocent attempts to strike up a conversation.

    • I agree with this fellow

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    • It also is New York. I'm sure the video would be different if it was film in like Duluth, MN or Salt Lake City, UT.

    • You never know. I sure don't as I haven't been there

  • I have NEVER seen cat-call happening.
    I also don't see it as harassment or assault.
    It is rude and only ignorant garbage do it, but women who are "afraid" when cat called need to get over themselves and their fake victim complex.
    ALSO "Hi miss" or males trying to make basic small talk with females they find attractive is NOT catcalling. So the "98%" of women claiming to have been catcalled would be equivalent to the number of men being catcalled if you asked me have they ever be spoken to by a woman on the street or looked at by a woman on the street.
    The difference is men don't have a false victim complex and don't consider basic human interaction as assault or harassment.

    That doesn't mean some douche bags aren't whistling or saying "HEY SEXY!" etc. But even then, it isn't something to be afraid of. These idiots are not going to follow you home... the idea that a rapist wants to draw attention to themselves by yelling out to you is so assinine it requires mental retardation to believe.

    Catcalling is about the quality of the person doing it. You never see a guy in a suit catcalling. It's generally riffraff, then lower quality of human. Just like the women who catcall men (which happens just as much but men don't care because we aren't perpetual victims). It's the Laqueshas and White trash females who do it.
    You can't expect people of low quality to have social dignity, they can barely read and write FFS.

    • I agree with you at some point, but some men really do offend women. I mean it's kind of rude and offensive when some idiot man calls you Sexy or 'Hey, girl you have a nice butt' and etc. These are catcalling in my opinion. Now, I've never heard a girl say they get scared, I think you got it wrong, I mean some DO get scared, but not all, not me. In my opinion and also in many others opinion, they're just idiots and we get annoyed. I mean come on be in a girl's body for a day and have a nice booty and just walk down the street and see how you will feel when you get catcalled.

    • @NancySk9m




      These are just a few of the statements about catcalling being "Scary"
      G@G also has many posts where perpetual victims claim to be afraid when catcalled.

      The issue is that these perpetual victims pull rank in society and create movements about the fear and "danger" women face when it's actually bullshit.
      Rape stats from the Bureau of Justice Statistics show clearly that actual rape and sexual assault is NOT an epidemic (yes they take into account estimates of those who "don't come forward") and it's still less than 1 in 1000.

      Men are more likely to be attacked in the street than a female.

      SO when it comes to "be in a girls body and see how it feels..." as a male, I should be more fearful if you want to look at probability over paranoia.

  • Honestly I don't think cat calling happens nearly as much as women say it does. In 33 years of life I think I've witnessed a catcall maybe two or three times, and the one that sticks out the most was from a bunch of teenage girls who where yelling at some young guys out a car window. So I don't think its an issue, I think its a huge embellishment. That said, is it even a big deal? No, not really. Its words, people saying words at you should not be treated as if its some great tragedy especially when they are predominantly compliments. A guy called you gorgeous and now your upset? Fine, next time he should say how hideous you are and how he vomited a little in his mouth when he saw you, would that make women feel better? The fact is women want this attention their is absolutely no denying this, its just a matter of who is giving her that attention that bothers her. Yes some times how its done can be bad I'm not saying their are not assholes (but I find it interesting how women always play the victim in this when they are as prone towards bad behavior as any one else (women will grope attractive men in public which if the genders where reversed would be considered sexual harassment but for some reason since she is a woman she thinks its okay), but lets put things in their proper context, being rude isn't a big deal as people are rude all the time, men or women. Further more women have created this system where men are the only ones who do the approaching, so if a man wants to have an interaction with a woman he has to initiate it. If you do not like this set up then you can go and initiate these interactions and that way they can be all within your control whom you speak to you, how they speak to you as you will be the one in control of the situation. But that's not happening is it? Because women refuse to approach so if a man wants a relationship or any kind of interaction with a woman he has to initiate it and not all men are going to be equally good at these interactions. It seems rather wrong to punish a all men because a guy doesn't know how to flirt with a girl. This is a non issue. Personally though I agree that men should not give women any attention, I think all men should stop giving women attention and then we would see women freaking out because no one is validating them and we could finally get past this faux outrage women have when they receive positive attention and compliments from men.

    • In short women want the attention, if they didn't then we wouldn't be seeing women dressing as they do, wearing make up etc. We wouldn't see women online trying to get validation by asking to be rated etc. If cat calling never worked and only yielded negative results then their is a good probability that men wouldn't do it, but it does work its just a matter of how the guy looks, how the guy does it and whether or not the woman find him attractive. Again, all this aside its non threatening and a non issue.

  • Just something else the SJW Feminazis made into a big deal for nothing.

    You can’t even talk to women anymore without it being some shit and being publicly shamed.

    You can just say hey and your called a creep and they cry about being harassed.

    Most people don’t go around harassing people. But now you can’t even make comments to women in fear of ridicule.

  • I think its a dumb thing to do. Me being a guy, and not being around girls a lot, i haven't seen it much.

    This one time, i was sipping a beer at a local pizza place and there was this one guy there drinking a beer with his teenage son. I knew this person was a dumbass just from that, drinking beer with his kid.

    But then a girl walks by and i happen to make eyecontact with her. She actually smiles at me, so i smile back. She passes by us and the middle aged beerdad spots her and makes an obscene catcall, and for some reason she didn't see him, looks back at me with a mixture of shock and disguist. Then she walks away.. She actually tought i did it!!!

    For once a girl smiles at me for no reason and the next thing , this happens!

    I wanted to get up and knock one over the old fools head right that instant. i looked at him and he had the dumbest look on his face. The urge was bad, but i didn't wanna fight him infront of his kid (as if he isn't f*cked already) and i didn't want to be banned from that place (pizza and beer is good there)

    I think that it makes girls feel uneasy, and if you are in a circle, intentionally or not, of men who do that, it makes us guys uneasy as well. We dont wanna be seen as creeps...

    • That being said, there are instances where i think its a bit more innocent. For example its well known that when a beautiful woman walks past a construction site, she will be catcalled.
      Some girls even say, if you dont get catcalled there, you got a problem, lol.

      Well, i mean its a bunch of guys working all day, dust and dirt in their faces, so seeing a woman lightens up their day and they express it.
      Plus they usually work within fences and all so it makes the women feel safer, since they are not following her and just working.

      Its unnecessary , but some instances probably aren't as bad as others, as far as harrasment is concerned.

    • I'm sorry man that's rough

    • Thanks for mho

  • No sympathy here! You ladies wanted the rewards of having independence so now you'll have to deal with the downside that liberation brings upon you. So suck it up ladies, and take it like a man. Such is life in the big city...

    • Nobody should have to be harassed like that.

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    • No! When a society becomes to liberal or promiscuous, as ours has become, it unleashes forces of bad behavior and evil that would not exist in a moral culture. These cat-callers are just an ugly manifest of our immoral lifestyle. Given the circumstances, it's perfectly natural that these animals get away with acting like perverts in front of strange women. FYI, I'm not condoning catcalling. I'm just explaining why the problem is so bad in the cities and why it will probably get much worse before it gets any better.

    • It's improving drastically, actually. Because people in my generation are much more polite and open minded. We don't see the point in cat calling.

  • I find it distasteful. Unfortunately all those guys are entitled to the same right to freedom of speech. Most of those guys have no class and it's blatant that they were being disrespectful.

    But to play devil's advocate, women you can't complain about when a guy doesn't try and make the first move. I know a lot of them use shitty lines, but attractive women don't make it easy for a guy to introduce themselves. Most guys can't be completely upfront and honest when he first introduces himself especially to a woman he sees on the streets. We can't come up and say, "Hi, I think you are very attractive, I would like to know if your single, and to get to know you". If a guy said that he would be viewed as a creep and boring for not coming up with an original line. Also, those jeans look tight or form fitting. If she has an ass, those jeans would be showing it off.

    On another note, I never been to the east coast so I don't know if this kind of a thing is considered somewhat normal there. Every time I saw a video about catcalling, it's been filmed in the east coast.

  • It bugs me, yeah. Saw video yesterday on Instagram of some place out in a tropical part of the world.

    This curvy girl in a short, pink sundress was invited into the fruit stand to grab some produce. It's manned by a bunch of whistling dudes. Just as she's about to leave, one of them wraps her arm around her, poses for the camera with the side-ways peace sign, and kisses her on the cheek. She looked like she was about to cry the whole time.

    Not gonna lie, made me feel sick and angry. I thought she was hot, but she didn't deserve to be treated like that.

    Or this one time I was driving through downtown with my sister, it was a chilly day, and this one girl was wearing a skirt. I thought that was a bit weird.

    Just as she was crossing the street, these 19 year old little white boys slow down next to her and one of 'em shouts, "Yum! Yum!" Before driving away. She didn't look happy at all. I thought she looked good in that skirt, but it didn't make sense to me to wear it on a cold day. That and those fucking kids. Maybe my dislike for douchy young buck white boys came into the equation on this one and maybe it's because I was with my sister, but it pissed me off.

    • You should try watching a bunch of Arab guys shouting sexual obscenities at underage girls in parks.

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  • Where I live, it's not as common as in other regions of the US because we mostly all travel in our own cars here. It used to happen a lot when I walked, biked, or skateboarded everywhere.

    • Yeah you moreso see it in higher populated areas

    • Oh, I live in Los Angeles. Population we have. It's pedestrian culture we don't have as much of. Our public trains are heavily policed to help prevent lewdness.

      I am not going to say it's not a problem at all. It is. But I think it's worse in other places.

    • Oh interesting! But you're right, that type of public transportation could cut down on a lot of that social interaction time!

  • She's amazing!
    I didn't know the definition of catcalling... Now I see, it happens to me sometimes, it's pretty awkward and meh...
    It's hard to react because it's surprising (and I'm introvert anyway), I wish I was witty smart like the girl in the video 🙁

    • Being witty can be dangerous though! So be careful! This situation was only truly okay because she had someone with her incase something bad happened.. But I'm sorry to hear that this happens to you :/

  • Verbal street harassment? Fucking.. I can't even.

    Aight, yeh, people being like "waddup girl fine ass yeee booiii" is annoying, but harassment? Harassment? Really? You know you can... ignore it... right? And if someone just says hi, how is that harassment? How is that anyway harassing you? I don't get it. Maybe I'm just internalising the patriarchy, who knows.

    • Well uhm.. If someone can't walk down a street without being called at in sexual ways.. That's harassment in my book. I dunno where your line is drawn but it's definitely a lot further down the road 😅

  • It's disgusting and anyone who does that is obnoxious and gross but it's easy enough to ignore. They're not worth my attention and I don't let strangers get to me. I understand why it would make some women feel unsafe though, which is why I encourage all women to carry some sort of personal protection with them if they're going to be out alone.

    • Most definitely! It just truly bothers me.. Like.. Do these people honestly have nothing else to do with their time? It's so gross..

  • Just like to point out 10 hours walk 3:18 minutes video out of it...
    Ya i don't think its that common :P

    But i have it from time to time as well, can't say i don't its a little anyoing for the most part, but i mostly just ignore it, I had once that someone really try to touch, send him flying a little :P i do hope that teach him not to do it again

    • Good point! There might've been a bit of cutting also! (Like that guy trailing around after her).. But true!

      But nice! Sometimes it's necessary!

    • Learning Krav mega and karate was worth every moment 😅

      Any way most of these videos are pretty fake
      Same with pranks many times as if you don't go exstream most times was proven there almost no reaction

  • I'm fortunate enough no be in the 4% of girls who don't get catcalled. At least in person. On the internet, I'm the "I guess you'll do" option for random guys sliding into DMs after every other girl leaves them on sent.

    • Do you go out often? That could be part of it.. But I'm glad you don't have to be in these uncomfortable situations!

  • I think some men can be respectful about it like if one said “you’re very beautiful” or he can be creepy/follow you around/stare at your lady bits/say something disrespectful. Not all catcalling is rude. Plus nobody says a thing about it when women do it to men.

  • Hate catcalling.. when it starts happening when you’re 12 being leered at by 40 year old men yelling out of vans or street corners. It’s so horrible and makes you feel so uncomfortable.

    I remember when it happened when I was younger and I had felt like I had done something wrong to cause this attention.

    Even to this day I NEVER take it as a compliment, usually disgusting low life’s making repulsive comments.

    • Yeah I don't ever consider it a compliment either.. It's just creepy..

  • Haha, you can help it :) you are in control of yourself. Lmaooo, men act like their helpless against their own “instincts”. This is funny. Grow up :D

  • Tacky, trashy and disrespectful. The funny thing is that all these guys who catcalls think they are so manly and cool doing it, but everyone else around them who are civilized and mannered people are just laughing at them, especially the girls they catcall.

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