Guys, would this make you depressed and want to kill yourself?

Let's say you are 16 years old and 5'2, girls in your school call you short, ugly and weird. You had a crush on a beautiful girl in your school but she laughed and said I'd never date a guy as short as you. Another dude added if I was as short as you, I'd kill myself. Another girl said she hated you because your short and cute and your height ruins it. Your female friend told you, your ugly because your so short. You have a cousin living with you, he has the luck with ladies bought a few beautiful woman to the house but they never wanted sex with you and two of them thought you were 12. You have a little sister but she's bigger then you physically and likes to rub it in. Your best friend dates the beautiful sexy girl you had a crush on. You saw them on Facebook kissing and starting a family together.

You are the only virgin in your group of friends. You have one girl interested in you but she's fat, has Down syndrome and only comes over during the summer and lives far away from you. You go to bed every night with a hard on and sometimes wake up with blue balls. A week later you have a stomachache so horrible it feels like your guts are being ripped out of you, and you could barely move without pain and you have a high fever. you pooped on the floor and your parents had to help you to the toilet, wipe your butt, and clean your poop on the floor. Your sister says your disgusting and tells her friends. They giggle slightly every time they see you. You have A's and B's In school though.
I'd be greatly depressed
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No, I'd be okay with this, natural about it/ keep living, keep trying in life.
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I'd kill myself
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Guys, would this make you depressed and want to kill yourself?
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