Do you think history is repeating itself?

I which way do you think history is repeating itself. Or have you ever witnessed history repeating itself. Do you think we are facing another world war. Do you think history is repeating itself.?Do you think history is repeating itself.?


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  • History always repeats. Life is cyclical.

    I am just refusing to think about a world war.


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  • I think it's shaping up that way, yeah.

    A much neglected period of study is the early 20th century 1900 - 1914. The people who were living then thought they were moving towards a pinnacle of peace and progress, too.

    There were also a lot of dark currents, much as there are today. But the general sense was that a catastrophic war 'wouldn't and couldn't happen'.

    And then a very unexpected spark lit it off.

    It does feel, at least to me, that we are living in similar circumstances today. Lots of deliberate denial about the general state of play, lots of useful idiots etc.


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  • History always repeats itself


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  • I would not be surprised to see a remake of the Kennedy thing. And the war we think of right now will rather be some repetition of Vietnam. But this is more a 2nd world thing. The 1st world is beyond that.


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