Will there always be men who hate women?

From a males perspective, mine, sex isn’t fair for men. Evolutionarily, a certain percentage of males do not mate. For us guys, it doesn’t feel good. It’s quite painful actually to know you’ll never get some. And so I began to wonder if it’s possible to change that. I’d say, all men did everything in their power to be as attractive as they possibly can be... those numbers would not change. And so if that’s the case, there will always be a group of men resentful of women. For being that percent that doesn’t get to do what we were made to do, fuck!

Now I know reality. It’s a level playing field really. Put in the effort and you’ll be more attractive than most guys who are crying that they can’t get laid. Its quite easy really to elevate yourself to an attractive level with women. The real problem is inside yourself. That doesn’t mean it’s your fault. But once you recognize it you can fix it.

So let’s say all men become enlightened. That percentage that doesn’t get laid will probably resent women anyways.

Is there any society where every person in the group eventually paired and mated? I don’t know. What do you guys know?
Will there always be men who hate women?
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