Do You Believe the US is in its Death Throes?

Empires fall. Empires fail. Empires die.

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Do You Believe the US is in its Death Throes?

The United States is the largest Imperial nation the world has ever seen. We have more than 800 military bases in more than 70 countries. That's almost half of all nations on Earth that we have military bases in. Yes, we're an Empire and we meddle in everyone's business.

It appears that everything Trump does or wants to do is rammed through by force, American wants & needs be damned. Much of it also appears to be directed @ China.

That's important because China is dethroning the US as we speak. They will take our role in the global economy and Trump can't stand to lose. His ego is hurting and someone as egomaniacal as Trump will do anything when his feelings are hurt.

Now Trump is bringing up his want to murder all drug dealers, yet again. Most people shrugged it off when he said it the first time, but he said it again over the weekend and since Trump only surrounds himself with people who stroke his ego, to him, he believes that's what everyone wants.

Then we look at his comments surrounding Xi Jinping's ability to now stay as President forever and how Trump believes we should do that (remove term limits for the President)... initially, Fox News and the like qualified his statement by saying "it's a joke," or "Trump jokingly stated that..."

Do You Believe the US is in its Death Throes?

But they said the same thing about his want to kill drug dealers. They dismissed the fact that Trump looks up to Duterte and how Duterte rules. Trump appears to have a love affair towards harsh dictators. . . . so dismissing those things can be quite dangerous.

So back to my question: do you believe the US is in its death throes? Why/why not.

tl;dr The US Empire is failing. Trump wants to be a dictator & wants to murder drug dealers and to remove Presidential term limits. China will overtake the US globally and Trump actively seeks to harm China. Are his recent decisions on trade & "justice" a sign that the US is in its death throes?
Do You Believe the US is in its Death Throes?
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