Does it mean a guy likes you if he touches your back, and hips when your in his way?

lol but before he never did that he would ask, and one time we looked right into each others eyes when I was talking to him and the other day I was helping him fix something at work and when I looked up he was just looking at me and sometimes he'll say I'm a freak? Does he think I'm weird or something or could he have feeling for me

how do you know? If a guy likes you at all


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  • With these things I wouldn't usually read too much into it, but touching the back or hips is sort of invading your space. If a guy is treating you nice, then he's going to respect your personal bubble since us guys respect each others. So by him doing something like that, he's testing the waters and breaking the touch barrier. If you don't respond bad to it, then he might get the subtle hint that it's OK to touch you.

    So yeah, I'd pay attention for other signs that he may flirting or interested.


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  • Sounds like the guy might be flirting with you and the touching is just testing the waters. I've done this to girls before, including calling one or two a freak just to play around and make them react.

    On the flipside though, I've touched girls on the back to hurry them along or grabbed their hips to simply MOVE them out of my way. I realize that more than likely makes me a jackass but sometimes patience is running low.

    All in all I'd say he is flirting with you so have fun with it

    • What do you mean by "testinng the waters?"

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    • I'm not him so I can't give you a definite answer but perhaps it is simply fun for him. Some people are just flirts and they enjoy the playing around and teasing.

      Why at work? Maybe that is the only place he ever sees you and doesn't have to worry about implications outside work. I can't say for certain as I'm not him but if there is no harm I don't see why he wouldn't, work or otherwise.

    • But we work together? and he is my manger?

  • Maybe or not. Most guys aren't that comfortable doing that, but for some it's natural.


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