Would This Irritate You?

My son went to the Zoo as a reward for reading a certain number of books over the course of one semester in school (he's in 2nd grade).

So I sent him with a packed lunch and $20 to buy snacks or some other kind of toy from the gift shop, etc.

He comes home with the $20, stating that the school administrators would not allow him to make any purchases while at the zoo. I have yet to confront the school, but I believe they did that in case there were other kids whose parents either didn't want to give their child any spending money or couldn't afford to do it.

I grew up dirt poor, so I know what it feels like to be the kid without money, but the reality is that there are the haves and the have-nots. There are people that can afford $20 and there are people that can't. If you don't want to be one of those people, then you must make every effort in life to vow never to be that person.

But for some strange reason, the public schools are telling our kids "it's not okay for you to have something while someone else doesn't," but what does that really do to our society and the future generation?

It's a lie. It's a farce. Prohibiting children from buying things on field trips because little Johnny's mama and daddy can't/won't give their kid a few bucks is setting a false expectation for the future.

No part in society is this true, especially in the US. Look at the 13 people who own more than half of all global wealth. Do you think that's going to change by the time my kid is grown? Of course not. It's almost like the "regular people" are forced into a mentality of "can't hurt anyone's feelings" while the Richie-rich kids continue hoarding cash and buying politicians to make their lives easier.

This is very irritating to me - would you be irritated by this? Would you set a meeting with the principal and superintendent? I want to, because these are false expectations and realities they're forcing down everyone's throats.
Would This Irritate You?
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