Guys- would you ever forgive a girl who was drunk and an idiot?!?! Did I ruin everything?

Okay, so I met this guy and we ended up hooking up a couple times. I told him I didn’t want a relationship and he never said anything. We hooked up a few times- we even talked about why girls were mental a lot of the times when it comes to relationships. He invited me out to this business/music thing he was doing. I talked to him a bit at the event but tried to keep independent as I didn’t want to look clingy. My friends came up to me and told me he was getting kinda jealous and kept looking over at me.

I proceeded to get wasted. I then went up to him before I left and blatantly asked if we were going to hook up tonight. He said not tonight because he was networking and had things to attend to. I said okay and was slightly annoyed. In a drunken collaboration, my friends prompted me to go up again and I asked him what was up- I was wasted mind u. I felt rejected and proceeded to get really upset and said I didn’t want to be friends and all that and then stormed away. I’m totally aware that I came off as extreme and emotional. I texted him the next day an apology because I don’t remember everything I said. I think we started to get crushes on each other and I fear I just ruined it all- even the chance for a friendship and he was really cool. I texted him yesterday and haven’t heard from him at all.

Did I completely ruin this? I feel like he should forgive me because I was drunk and stupid- and everyone has moments of idiocy when they’re drunk. If he doesn’t text back in a week should I send an apology via fb or something or just completely forget it. I’m bummed because he was really nice and cool- but very reserved.

Guys- would you ever forgive a girl who was drunk and an idiot?!?! Did I ruin everything?
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