Is it wrong to disown a daughter that goes through with an abortion?

Ok before the vast majority of you gun for the torch and pitchforks let me set the stage for you.

1. There would be no complications during childbirth.

2. Daughter neither got raped or has sex with relatives

3. Nothing is wrong with the fetus and will function outside the womb

4. There was nothing stopping her from buying condoms or birth control. Religious or otherwise.

5. She would not have to take care of the child and could put it up for adoption if she wished to do so.

In short there would be no excuse for her to get pregnant in the first place and no obligation to actually care for the child once it was born. She would basically be treating it as an inconvenient tumor that would get in the way of her nightlife.

Now I know many will say the chances of having someone be so innately selfish is slim, but my belief is if there is any chance that it could happen, assume it will.

So with all the conditions met and under the pretence that it would only happen after the abortion procedure would a family be wrong in disowning their daughter?
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Welp it's pretty clear that my thoughts don't matter and any voices of opposition will just get shot down so w/e I don't care anymore


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  • Wow, I meant to hit "yes" but hit "no" instead... my bad.
    Anyway, i dont think its EVER appropriate to disown family, especially parents/children. You brought her into this world to stand by her, and that's what you need to do. You dont need to support her decision, but she is still your daughter. My grandmother disowned my mother briefly before my mother died, and my grandmother never forgave herself for it. I was 7 when my mom died, and I watched my grandmother come undone. All she ever said was how "she lost so much time" and how "her anger, spite, and pride weren't worth losing her daughter."

    Could you honestly live with never talking to your child again? What if all of this is a phase, and one day she changes her ways and feels regret about her actions? How will you know? Even if she doesn't, are you really okay with losing out on this part of your life? What if one day she chooses to have another child? Would you be okay never seeing your grandchild (ren)?

    Disowning someone sounds so easy to do -- just get angry and dont talk to someone. But in truth, it's an ugly process that ruins families. It's much better to swallow your anger and find a way to get past your issues with your daughter.

    • You sound like you actually read the whole thing rather then replying on impulse... Look I know myself better then most people. And i know that such a thoughtless act would set me off, even if she did realize what she did, the damage would have already been done, there's no fixing something like that. Even if she does actually decide to have kids, in the back of my mind i would be like "Oh NOW you decide to be considerate"

      I'm sorry, but even if i did try to keep it together, even if i did try to get past what happened... I know there's a part of me, that will never truly forgive her for that. There will always been that thought in the back of my mind "Why didn't you listen to me? Why couldn't you have figured this out sooner?"

      I wish i could say i'm a bigger man then that, but sadly I'm not. Sooner or later that bubble would burst.

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    • ... sigh. alright then what would you propose to be the better option?

    • I can't really tell you that... whatever you think you can do to work through it. Therapy, if you need someone to talk to about it confidentially? Friends? Where is your daughter's mother?

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  • It's the daughter's body and she should be free to act as she sees best. And it's the decision of the family whether to disown her. But I cannot imagine that any but the most religiously conservative or otherwise vehemently pro-life families would actually do that.

    • She had every option not to get pregnant in the first place and even had the option to give it away... So I'm suppose to just be ok with her being irresponsible just because she likes it raw? Is that the approach we're taking here?

    • As I said, the decision on disowning rests with the family. Clearly you feel strongly on this. That is your right.

  • YES! Its her f****** choice Jesus Christ! Please DO disown her she donest need someone like you in her life!

    • You also have the choice of getting drunk all the time, and getting hooked on crack cocaine, so i guess i'm suppose to just sit back and watch you slowly kill yourself huh?

      Are you actually gonna think about this, or are you so blinded by your own self righteousness that you don't care about anyone other then yourself.

      Know what? Here's an idea. If you ever get an abortion for no reason other then it would get in the way of your social life. (Which i'm 90% sure has happened or will happen) Make sure you also get sterilized so you can never have children again.

      You would really be doing the world a favor if you did. Now if you're done being a far left sociopath, maybe you can try again and we can actually have a proper discussion this time?

  • I'm not sure why anyone would disown their daughter over that. There's so much worse, this is literally just a medical procedure.

    • Oh sure that's fine, she just denied me a grandchild because she didn't want it getting in the way of her party life. Nope no problem whatsoever.

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    • Actually I've just decided that someone as ignorant as you isn't worth my time feel free to get drunk drugged up or whatever it Is someone as irresponsible as you does, maybe then I can talk to someone with an IQ over 80.

      And actually I honestly hope you never have kids, with that kind of mentality you would make a terrible mother anyway

    • Yawn. I actually have pretty good grades and I'd never use drugs, so. False assumptions again. I don't like kids or want any but I'd teach them to mind their own business, looks like yours forgot to. Anyway, bye.

  • The mother of the daughter doesn’t have to like it, but assuming she’s if adult age, to disown a daughter for making her own decision is pure stupidity. Have the abortion to to hell with her.

    • I don't understand, you have every resource to not get pregnant, there is no downside to having the child, you are under no obligation to actually raise the child... and you would still have an abortion just because you can?

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    • That’s good at least. I’ve seen a lot of families encourage their sons to dump the “ho” because he’s too young to have a kid. This is a part of why women want to abort.

    • Trust me. I'm no hypocrite like that.

  • If it could functiom outside the womb then it was an illegal abortion anyway.

  • I'm 100% against abortion, but I'm a big believer in redemption

    • It would mostly because i was super mad that i got denied a grand-kid

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    • I'm not a big believer in basing my beliefs on majority consensus. Mobs just ain't too bright sometimes.

    • If only everyone would just listen to me. :( (big sigh). lol

  • Super wrong to disown someone over an abortion

    • It would be less about the abortion and more how blatantly selfish and irresponsible they were

      Cause If you looked at the conditions of the scenario above, they should have zero excuse.

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    • Pretty much.

      If you aren't planning on being that babies parent then abort. Because its the tiniest of percenrages that its ever going to achieve anything other than prison time and homelessness after going through the sytem.

    • @BaileyisDarcy Personally I disagree, any chance is better then no chance, even if there is the tiniest glimmer of hope, they should be given the chance to take it.

      But to your credit, you definitely make a more compelling argument then most of the others that have already posted. So i can definitely see why you feel this way, even if i don't particularly agree.

  • It's okay

  • Your update is hilarious. You asked for opinions and you're upset people have a different view than you. Boohoo.

    • Sure... kick someone while he's down. It's called giving up. I know when I'm beaten. So go ahead laugh, mock me, post on feminist reddit about your victory and how you triumphed over a misogynist pig or whatever. It's clear that all modern day women care about are themselves, and I just have to accept that.

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