What are the main reasons people are pro Trump, and what are the main reasons people are against him?

My main thing why I dislike him is the way he speaks about people (women, refugees and blacks) but the main thing is the way he looks at climate change. What are reasons people dig him though?


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  • I've definitely yet to see a good reason why someone is for him
    Everyone who is for him is typically kinda lacking empathy, or just doesn't pay attention


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  • Well he is uncouth that much is a fact. Nobody can deny that. However supporters would say that's his charm. Because he is not a politician. He can silver tongue his way outta garbage. He doesn't have the charisma for that. Secondly he is radical. A man of action which ironically is more against changing things than it is to change them. The reason I supported him was not because of the the former two, but because he represents us as a nation. Despite what people say the laws our country were founded upon the president cannot be a tyrant, and is meant to be no more than a figure head and political representative. In this sense trump had the advantage of being once more a man of action, and a deterrent to war. Say what you will, the world is not ready to respect a female leader. Especially our enemies.


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  • Reason people like him: His personality
    Reason people dislike him: His personality

  • Any attempt to indict either Hillary R. Clinton or President Donald J. Trump on criminal charges might trigger a 21st Century Civil War.
    The similarities between the era right before the outbreak of the 19th Century Civil War and the present day political climate in America are too significant to ignore. Some of the same trends that were apparent back in 1861 can be detected in today’s politics.
    Some of the disturbing similarities between 1861 America and 2018 America include:
    • The belief that Donald J. Trump is an illegitimate or illegal president. One of the ostensible causes of the Civil War in 1861 was the belief by Southerners that Abraham Lincoln was not a legal or legitimate president. As the theory goes, Confederates broke away from the Union because they did not recognize Lincoln’s presidency. Maybe not the real issue, but certainly one that is drug out for public consumption.
    • Around 57% of Americans between 18 and 30 branded Trump’s presidency as illegitimate in a March 2017 GoFoward poll conducted by the University of Chicago and the Associated Press.
    • Percentages were higher among some groups. 74% of African Americans under 30, and 71% of Hispanics under 30 called Trump “illegitimate.”
    • Increasing political violence. During the 1850s, Americans increasingly turned to violence to settle political disputes. It started with mob violence; such as the burning of newspaper offices and lynching of blacks in the North, escalated to guerrilla warfare in Bleeding Kansas, and culminated with John Brown’s assault on a federal arsenal in an attempt to start a race war in 1859. (Brown was funded by wealthy Unitarians.)
    • Since President Trump’s election, there have been several incidents of disturbing political violence. The most frightening outrages; include the burning of a limousine by a mob at President Trump’s inauguration, the attempted murder of several Republican members of Congress by a leftwing gunman, and the violence at a Neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.
    • Increasing demonization of the other side. During the Civil War, Confederates portrayed President Lincoln as a tyrant and Union troops as invading barbarians. Union propagandists branded the Confederates as traitors and slavers.
    • Commentaries branding President Trump as a fascist and comparing him to historical tyrants such as the Roman Emperor Commodus are often appearing in supposedly mainstream news outlets.

    • ... Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright even wrote a book in which she called Trump a fascist.
      • Commentaries and websites about “Crooked Hillary” are just as common. Cambridge Analytica; a British company that worked on the 2016 Trump campaign, even bragged about “weaponizing” the phrase “Crooked Hillary.”
      • During the 1850s, civility all but disappeared from politics. By 1856, things were so bad that Senator Charles Sumner was savagely beaten on the U. S. Senate floor by U. S. Representative Preston Brooks of South Carolina. Brooks’ attack was triggered by remarks that Sumner had made about his relative U. S. Senator Albert Butler.
      • Violence in the Capitol has not been reported yet; but 68% of Americans said the tone of the political debate was getting worse in a CBS poll last year.
      The similarities between 1861 and 2018 are too great to ignore. As in 1861, we have a deeply-divided political landscape and increasing political violence.

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    • Those voting for impeachment included one of the house’s top Democrats’ assistant Minority Leader James Clyburn (South Carolina), The Hill reported.
      An impeachment vote might succeed; and trigger violence, if Democrats take control of the House in November’s Congressional election. Many observers believe Democrats will pick up enough seats to control the House and be in a position to impeach in January 2019.
      So what would 21st Century Civil War look like for us?
      The possibility of a 21st Century Civil War is too great to be ignored. Preparing for such a conflagration is difficult because nobody knows what it would be like.
      A likely scenario would be a cyberwar in which hackers try to destroy the other side’s digital infrastructure with everybody else caught in the crossfire. Another strong possibility would the use of the courts, law enforcement, Congress, and the media to demonize elements of the population and deprive them of their Constitutional rights.

    • Other possibilities might be terrorism, guerrilla warfare, lynching, civil disobedience, riots, and the use of drones as weapons by ordinary citizens.
      A 21st Century Civil War would not be fought with cavalry and bayonets, but it is likely to be just as destructive and as divisive as the conflict 163 years ago. All Americans need to start thinking about such a Second Civil War and how to survive it as we move closer to the November elections. We live in interesting times.

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  • Well first of all there is a core base of Trump followers. These are the type of people who would never abandon Trump even if he raped women openly or murdered some liberals. In fact I am willing to bet there plenty in there who would approve such behavior.

    Putting aside the nutters we have the general Trump voter. These are the people who are unhappy with the current state of government and wanted a change. They voted for Trump because he was not a politician and he spoke strong words about "America first" and "Make America great again". Trump makes these people FEEL good again but are not loyal to him beyond that.

    Then we got the people against Trump. I can loosely divide them into 5 categories.

    The people who dont like his aggressive and disrespectful personality and compulsive lies.

    The people who dont like his history of corruption.

    The people who dont like his incompetence.

    The people who have previously had bad experiences being swindled by him.

    And lastly the people who just dont like him for personal reasons or are persecuted by his policies and views.

    There are some amount of overlap between these groups. You can see it as reasons to dislike Trump if you like.

  • Trump was a born rich loud mouthed huckster who bluffed his way through some deals which either made money or blew up randomly. Had he taken his inheritance and simply bought a bunch of REITs he'd be far richer than he is today, which tells you that he should have done better than he did in real estate. He reached a point where basically no American bank will loan him money, but he still gets some money, believed to be primarily Russian for deals. In the last decade or so, unable to actually do deals, he basically went around collecting fees for letting things use his name, which hey, is a pretty good business model. So he's sort of like an Instagram influencer, he doesn't actually do anything , but made himself a celebrity, then sells his celebrity for money.

    As president, he knee jerk attempts to do whatever the last thing he saw on fox news said to do. Literally. If you look at his morning tweet storms, they seem random, unless you watch Fox and Friends at the same time, and realize he's normally reacting to them. He is in charge of a 72 billion intelligence network and gets his info by watching hours of tv. Groups trying to influence him have literally taken to getting advertisements on Fox just so he can watch them.

    He will frequently make comments showing he doesn't even have a basic understanding of international trade, international relations, etc.

    Most of the semi-competent staff around him get caught complaining that he's an idiot or must be treated like a tantrum throwing toddler. Tillerson, for instance, was quoted calling him a 'fucking moron'.

    He's popular with older, rural and less educated Americans who have bought his story that as a rich successful new Yorker, he's the one to liberate them from... rich oppressive coastal types.

    Classic trump in action can be seen in NK (where to be clear, the mess itself has been building for decades and isn't his fault). First he sets up a meeting with NK, and trumpets this as a breakthrough, when in fact, NK has wanted a meeting with the US for years and the US had been holding that back trying to use it as leverage. Next he announces that the meeting will be for nuclear disarmament. NK then announces that they have no intention of doing anything like that. Furthermore, basically, they want the U. S. to come grovel and also cancel military exercises with SK. God knows what they will do, but whatever it is, they'll likely bluff it was a huge success and hope the base buys it.

  • People are against him because they have no independent thought and do as media and pop culture tells them to without question, instead of looking at his track record and how well he has done. The proof is in the pudding. People prefer feelings over facts. And want approval of others so they go with whats cool and it’s considered cool to hate trump because of media.

    • If your beliefs depend on the idea that the majority of the population (an even higher majority among the highly educated) is made up of idiots with no ability for independent thoughts, maybe it's not them who are falling for bullshit, but rather you.

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    • Discussed sensitive state information in public, insulted a volatile world leader we're trying to make peace with, told all sorts of lies both out of ignorance and for deception, doing fuck all to help Puerto Rico, spent a huge portion of his time playing golf (after criticizing Obama for doing similar, and then far outdoing the amount of vacation time Obama took), refused to read long memos, firing the fucking FBI director (also the huuge turnover rate on his staff), etc. I can probably find more concrete examples of this isn't enough for you.

    • Yeah cuz Comey was soooo innocent, your examples are trivial and you clearly love CNN. What sensitive info, FBI illegally spying on him? Did you know black unemployment is at all time low due to him fighting getting welfare and food stamps without work requirement? He got N and S korea to meet first time, set americans free trapped in Korea, boosted the economy and stock market. But you just swallow the out of context lies CNN tells like a mindless clone that liberals are. Feelings dont rule, facts do, get over it.

  • Pro: Charismatic, someone not on a payroll, someone who "understands the middle class"
    Against: Believe he's racist or sexist which isn't true. Don't like that he beat a woman in politics. Don't agree with his idiotic tweets. Don't agree with his lack of environment care.

    • He is a con man. And you have fallen for it. He is racist and sexist, and if you pull up some specific definition, that's not the point, you can see it in his policies.
      The only reason hillery is a part of it is that gender was used against her. That's the only reason to care. She was more qualified to put it lightly. Yet a big part of why she wasn't votes for was because she is a woman. Gender didn't matter until trump supporters made it matter

    • @GreedyGiver651 people like you will get him elected again. Keep up the good work!!!

    • Lol. I like seeing the two types of people. The first, ignorsnt idiotic and brainwashed by media. And the second, wise and quick to point out the firsts mistake in over reacting. Buddy, you're too far gone if you believe what you wrote. I'm glad the female side hadn't gone over the deep end though.

  • The main reason that I can see for both sides of opinions is his over-presence in the media. I have a feeling of watching a reality-show. Test yourself, and ignore the man for a week and you find out his true historic significance. We could be busy with more important issues.

  • Trump has absolutely no clue how to govern. He's introduced tax cuts that didn't help the economy, he's introducing trade tariffs that will hurt what remains of American industry. He's scrapped the Iran nuclear deal which actually was working to everyone's benefit. Apart from scrapping TPP he hasn't done anything right.

  • The reasons I like him are two and they are not directly related to his personality or efficiency as a president.

    1. He proved that the banks and the system controlled media are not all powerful and that people can actually think for themselves and not fall for their propaganda every time. Voting is not a waste of time and effort anymore.

    2. He proved the existence of a deep State in the Western world that has power over any leader who is not brave enough to defy them.

  • Lets see were 2 start , as u said his words alone are already stupid af and his climate change stance is retarded at best, he sells out 2 wall street, his tax plans screw over the poor and help the rich, calls everything agaist him fake news instead of actually answering a question, he doesn't belive in the 1st amendment u can look at his sueing record 4 that and he takes money from suidi Arabia threw his hotles

  • Pro Trump:
    1. He did not violate espionage law.
    2. He did not commit fraud at his law firm or insider trading with cattle futures (at least hasn't gotten caught)
    3. He does not throw things when he is angry.
    4. He did not rig the nomination.
    5. He did not corruptly get the US involved in Libya so his friend could make money.
    6. He did not promise to raise my taxes.
    7. He did not promise to create a new entitlement.
    8. He promised to lower my taxes.
    9. He promised to secure the border.
    10. He promised to repeal Obamacare.
    11. I have made more money since Trump was elected than all 8 years of Obama combined.

    1. He is a New Yorker
    2. Everything else relates back to being a New Yorker.

  • I like his policies, tax plan (lower taxes/higher standard deductible and dependent deductible), border security (I want as much drugs stopped as possible across the border and personally would like the death penalty on dealing drugs), I like how he isn't against straight White Christian men like many politicians are, and I want fair trade, not unlimited free trade with China, because that is what really messed up our economy.
    There are other things I like, but those are the main reasons why I voted for him.

    • So, should we be putting the death penelty to high up pharmaceutical company owners who use tactics to get people addicted to opiods? Because those are the most harmful dealers.
      The border control won't stop drugs.
      How are they against white Christian men? Specifically? Or maybe they are against the fact that government has been primarily controlled by those men and unfair privilege has been continuously given to similar people?

    • @GreedyGiver651
      1. If proven then take away their license to practice (the doctors that continue to issue prescriptions far too long).
      2. It does decrease it. Or do you mean that when they confiscate millions of dollars worth of drugs that people still do those exact drugs that are confiscated and destroyed? Use logic for once. (I know, liberals have no logic)
      3. Yeah, so affirmative action and free money for college that is only for women, gays, and Blacks is somehow a privilege for White men?
      4. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about, or are just so liberal that facts mean nothing to you.

    • 1. You said you supported the death penelty, why treat these dealers any different?
      2. I meant what I said, it won't stop drugs from crossing.
      3. Privilege for white men is more then just "on paper" it's in our daily lives, in how we are treated on a regular basis. There are situations where if I were black, I'd be dead. I know that for a fact, are you actually saying white men don't have privliges or are you using that one example as a tunnel vision situation
      4. In your next response, try not to waste time with petty insults or attempts to invalidate, it doesn't effect anything.

  • Like: He's created more job opportunities in the States.
    Dislike: The tweeting.


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