If your boyfriend had Hep C, would he still be your boyfriend?

I have hep c and I don't want to tell my girlfriend about it because I am afraid she will leave me I lost my job over it and I don't want to lose the one I love to please help

thank you all for the info but its to late she left guess she didn't love me as much as I loved her I told her I just found out about it and answered all her question the best I could so thanks for the the support


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  • I think ethically, you need to tell your girlfriend.

    If my boyfriend told me he had hep C, my first thought wouldn't be to leave him, but I would be scared and I would have a lot of questions. The average person probably doesn't know a lot about hep C, so it makes sense to panic. Be prepared to answer your girlfriend's questions.

    What is hep C?

    What are the symptoms?

    Will you get better? (something like 15-30% of people with hep C will clear it from their body, but the rest will develop chronic hep C)

    How did you get it (the answer to this is probably the thing that will most likely affect whether your girlfriend stays or leaves; can you think of how you may have gotten it? Are you a health professional who was exposed to it? Did you share needles with someone or have unprotected sex with someone who may have had it?---This is the main reason I would leave my boyfriend; not because he has hep C, but if he was using drugs or having sex with someone else without my knowledge while we were in a relationship.

    Is there a chance I could have it? Do I need to get tested?

    What do we need to do to protect me from contracting it? (i.e. not sharing personal items that may have come into contact with blood, such as razors or toothbrushes; using a condom)

    Being able to answer her questions is likely going to be the best thing you can do to help her be understanding and decrease her fears.


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  • oooh -_- I'm sorry if you have that.

    Im not in a relationship but if I was I wouldn't know what to do & wouldn't leave him if I loved him ..

    Well... I'm crazy enough to do stupid things.

    This disease is infectious & I'm sure you know that.

    And I think you know that you may infect your girlfriend if you had sex with her Or kiss her Or if she used your toothbrush or drank from your glass or your bottle of water.

    You may put her in danger.

    But hugging,shaking hands,talking to her Or even sitting next to her won't cause her any harm.

    Im sorry I can't give you a correct answer to this you better talk to her about it & I'm sure she has an answer.

    Hiding That from her is so selfish & a very bad idea.

    You love her right then I'm sure you don't want to cause her any harm.

    It is hard but you have to tell her.

  • Hep C is deadly you need to tell her she can contract through sex. I probably would not leave him unless he had been hiding it from me and exposing me knowing. Have your facts straight so you answer any of her questions.

  • I'm sorry but no I would probably dump him... isn't that an STD?

  • I just went through a similar thing. I found out I have hep c which I contracted through a blood transfusion. i told my boyfriend as soon as i found out and a few days later he left me. I thought he would be more sympathetic about it because his father and uncle both have it but instead he left me. I thought he was the one but I was wrong. had the roles been reversed I would have stayed this is a time when you need someone the most because its a scary thing but I guess people show who they really are when things get hard.

  • Nope. I keep myself clean and expect him to do the same. STD is a definitive deal breaker.

  • you need to tell her so she can get tested


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  • You lost your job over it? You definitely need to tell your girlfriend, you may not lose her but if you care about her at all, she needs to know so that she can take precautions.