Do you guys think this guy Is a horrible person?

Nelson is 16 years old and 5'3. He has long curly hair, brown skin and he's in general a very kind, understanding guy. Nelson has a crush on a girl named Selena. Selena's boyfriend Rick beat her up and gave her a black eye. When Nelson saw this he took Selena to his house and took care of her. Rick found out and told Nelson to leave her alone or he'd kill him but he helped her and still talked to her normally. One morning in the hallway Nelson looked uncomfortable, in pain he ran towards the teacher ( Miss brown) then asked her could he use the bathroom. Rick tells her that he saw Nelson in the bathroom already, ricks friend John agrees and says yeah I saw Nelson goofing around in the hallway he's always skipping class. Miss brown tells Nelson no bathroom. Nelson gasps with pain, grabs between his legs and says oh, I can't hold it anymore they're lying! Miss brown threatened to put him in detention so Nelson stayed. After an hour in a half in class Nelson shouted No, no! No! And started peeing. A few people were amazed and disturbed that someone could pee so much. Miss brown never saw so much pee come out of a person. Rick laughed hysterically. Nelson started sobbing. He stopped talking to Selena. Before this Rick would make fun of Nelson's messy curly hair. He said Nelson has bad hair, or he needs a perm you nappy headed nigga. Nelson said I do not have bad hair! Rick said oh yeah? Well let me run my fingers through it! He pulled Nelson's hair. Nelson yelped in pain and ricks friends just laughed. Nelson felt so small.
Yes Rick is a fucking monster/ evil person
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Rick is messed up
Do you guys think this guy Is a horrible person?
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