Conservatives vs. Liberals: Right vs. wrong or honest and reasonable differences of opinions?

Will we EVER move beyond calling each other names?
Will we EVER move beyond calling each other names?
I am a conservative and I believe in the Second Amendment. I also support many environmental issues. I like Rush Limbaugh but dislike Sean Hannity. I respect Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman, but I think Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are idiots. I like Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy but dislike Mitch McConnell and John McCain. All conservatives are not alike and the same is true of liberals.

In our current political climate, there is a pervasive attitude that "we are right and they are wrong." That, of course, does not help to bridge any gaps or heal any wounds. I dated a liberal woman for two years and never thought that she was stupid for being liberal. I thought that she simply had different ideas about the role of government in our lives. I disagreed with those choices, obviously, but I can't say they they are wrong.

How do you feel about the political opposition? Are they idiots or are they people who have simply made different choices about the role of government in our lives?
  • I am a Conservative and Liberals are simply WRONG!!!
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  • I am a Liberal and Conservatives are simply WRONG!!!
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  • I am a Conservative but I believe that political beliefs are matters of opinion and reasonable people can have different opinions
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  • I am a Liberal but I believe that political beliefs are matters of opinion and reasonable people can have different opinions
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  • To answer your question: I voted D. There is no right or wrong to me, and I find that mentality extremely divisive and ignorant. In my opinion, political views are shaped by our experiences, upbringing, level and quality of education, our religion or lack thereof, where we live, our careers, and so many other things. That's why I believe there are only honest and reasonable differences of opinion, to use your terminology.

    I may not agree with conservative people on many things, but I realize that there's a reason they hold those opinions. I can only hope that they come to the same realization. It's hard to determine that as politics in general evokes such strong emotions in people – precisely because our views are a product of our lived experiences and our personal moral compass.

    I rarely, RARELY ever engage in political discussion on this site, simply because I'd rather avoid the drama that always ensues in comments under my posts (I've been called a "libtard" here far too many times and I'd rather not stoke the fire, so I stay away). However, this question piqued my interest and I've been drawn out of my shell, mostly because YOU are asking the question. You're one of the few polite people here when it comes to political discussion. I'm a liberal in the simplest sense of the term, but a Canadian liberal and Canada is far more left-leaning than the US.

    • I appreciate your kind words!

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    • You know, I was thinking about this particular question again earlier today. It could also be applied to the endless debates surrounding other opposing philosophies and beliefs, mostly in terms of religion and spirituality. For example, religious vs non-religious, atheism/agnosticism vs theism, Catholicism vs Protestantism vs Orthodoxy, etc. Regarding those, I also believe that there is no right vs wrong.

    • That is an important lesson to learn!

  • There are good folks on both sodes. There are idiots on both sides. A lot of us want some of the same things, we just have different ideas on how to get there.


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