Should you give up if you text a girl and don't get a response within a few days?

So, I met this girl at a bar and she ended up asking me for her number and saying we should go out again sometime. I also got her number after she got mine..I promptly waited 4 days until I texted her and asked her if she wanted to go out..she had said she was with a friend of hers who just had surgery and needed to take care of her so she couldn't that night but we continued talking for about an hour and a half. She said she would be done with her semester at school in about 2 weeks and we could go out then. I texted her a week after the first text and said hey what's going on? and I've received nothing from her's only been 2 days..but how long do I wait..and do I text back in say another week to say what's up?


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  • You probably don't want to here this, but if I was interested in a guy, I would make sure to text him back even if I was busy. It is possible that she is just busy, but every girl is different.

  • i'd go for it what do you have to lose. if she doesn't anwser after that I don't know but you can't give up that easy. sometimes people are just busy. she might just want to wait till she is off

    • Thanks for the advice...we'll see how things go next week...confusedatwork it's not about me not wanting to hear it..its the truth and that's what I wanted so I appreciate's no skin off my back if she decides to ignore me

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