Girls: Do you test guys this way?

I went to a concert last night with a girl I know. She's pretty mature, says she's not into "beating around the bush", or leading people on. We've spent a bit of time together, but we're definitely not dating.

Well, last night on the way to the concert, she was telling me about some guy who got her number and has been stalking her lately. We were making fun of the guy cause he kept texting her, trying to hang out.

After the concert had started and we were having a good time, she told me that the creepy guy was coming to meet us. I was like "Oh, well that will be cool cause he's gonna make a fool out of himself".

Eventually, this dorky looking kid comes walking through the door, looks around for a while until he found us, then came and tapped her on the shoulder. She started talking to him, and I thought she was just mocking him.

But for the rest of the concert, she wouldn't stop talking to him. She was like, spilling her life story to this guy that we were making fun of only moments ago.

After the concert was over, they were hungry and so we all headed over to Denny's. I was driving her, so on the way there we were talking and she was like "We thought he was gonna be creepy!", and I was like "Uhhh, he IS creepy!".

Even after we got to the restaurant and had started eating, she was still so focused on this guy. There were several times that I would say something, they would look at me, and then they would just start a different conversation as if I hadn't even been there.

This really hurt my feelings, but I didn't let it show. I just kept joining their conversations, making jokes here and there, just trying not to let them see that I was getting upset.

After the waitress brought our check, nobody took it. She said she could split it for us, but they were just chatting away. Like, 10 minutes later I finally got up and just took the damn check up and payed for all of it so that we could leave.

I was expecting to take her back to her place, maybe tell her how I felt about the guy, but but when we were walking out the door, she was like "Andrew, where are we gonna go now? what's there to do at 1am?", and I was like "Uh, actually I'm ready to go to sleep cause I have work in the morning."

This is where I actually got really pissed off: She said I was no fun, and that at least this other guy ( I think his name was Devin?) was willing to have a good time. Then she left with him, and I guess she was with him for the next 5 hours.

I mean, I'm not her dad or anything but still, I guess that just seemed messed up...

The point of all this was: Do you think this girl was seriously not into that freakin dork, but she was just acting like she was so that she could see if I got pissed (Which I did, so I guess I would have failed...), or is that not something that girls really do?

Girls: Do you test guys this way?
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