Child Abuse & Paedophilia By The Elite. Do you Believe It?


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  • Only if you're talking about the elite of the Catholic Church.

    • Well, supposedly it's elite from many groups, church, business, even the queen of England.

      Lots of controversy.

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    • I think there probably are a lot of conspiracies among various elite groups, whether explicit or implicit, such as manipulating prices and labor supply and that sort of thing. I don't think there is a big conspiracy to fuck kids, though there has been one in the Vatican to cover up what was going on with too many priests.

    • I've done the research. Churches and world elite are suspicious.

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  • Conspiracy nut.

    • Heard that one before. Maybe you should watch the documentary.

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    • Yes. And you're one of its chief proponents. Your own inability to use the critical thinking and to falsify your position is proof of that.

    • Why the fuck are you still talking. You want proof? Read the fucking books by Jim Marrs and David Icke.

      Damn CNN troll.

  • I dunno

  • I definitely believe it


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