Is it good strategy by the Left of focusing on our universities and Hollywood to push their extreme leftist ideas?

These groups are seen as “ important” by the Left, and many would say it’s extremely effective, based on the results so far. Does it give you pause about its legitimacy?
Is this really going to continue, or do you have more faith in America?


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  • Media and hollywood are overwhelmingly conservative, 'leftists' aren't controlling it. Universities are very much left wing hot spots, but I don't really see a problem with that.

    • @lilaqua- I can’t let your first sentence go without challenging it by saying it is just plain wrong, and everyone knows that- but you. Sorry but I had to say it because it’s true.

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    • @lilaqua- that may be, but saying Hollywood and academia is overwhelmingly conservative, is exactly backwards. Academia has been hijacked by the progressives literally for decades. Hollywood has been THE birthplace for the alt Left since forever. The Koch brothers, billionaires, fund most of the conservative media, and another billionaire, George sorros funds the alt left media. Don’t ask about a free press, it went away - no one knows where...

    • Hollywood is the single most pro-capitalist element within our society. It only re-appropriates certain fads, like I assume social justice, to be more profitable. That is the least left wing thing I've ever heard. No matter what, hollywood will never be socialist and never stand up for the things that left-wingers actually care about. Academia is a little different, I know it's left wing, but what's the problem with that? So little in our society actually is and maybe, just maybe, it's not a marxist conspiracy but the most educated people tend to be left wing through critical analysis.

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  • the fact you think universities and hollywood are extremely leftitist shows you lack understanding of reality... Globally speaking, pretty much everything in the US is right of center- even the democrats would be considered a conservative party by most global standards.

    • @ccp16- I assumed it would be obvious that I am not speaking from the global perspective. For this question I don’t think that your version of where America stands on the ideological scale is relevant. America is its own place , it is my country, it doesn’t matter how you define “left” or “right”, neither does your assessment of my understanding of reality.
      Not-so-clever way of sidestepping the question, as for you having a some advanced knowledge of global politics- I see no evidence.

  • The left has made a concerted push to control two institutions: education and the media. Thus far, they have been very effective and many young people simply repeat what they have been told without question.


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  • Well they're already starting to reject it. Hopefully evergreen state will close down after how the spineless administration handled that. Marvel comics and their push into diversity is tanking but push along. won't last forever. It can't.


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