There are more black people in Canada than there are in America. True or false?

America looks all "white bread" to me. NYC, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, DC, and Detroit are almost entirely white American compared to the Canadian cities I've seen.

Canada is about 80% black and 20% white.

Even on the farms in Alberta and Manitoba you see more black farmers than white ones. It's like South Africa there.

I honestly think London (UK) is whiter than all the Canadian cities and towns combined.


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  • I don't understand why it concerns you.
    Barely any white people in Sudan, why? because black people walked that land before them. Same with America and Canada, the reason black people were here long ago was due to slavery. Now we only have the occasional Jamaican immigrating here.
    You saw more whites than blacks in Atlanta? are you color blind?
    Come to Miami, you will have a harder time finding someone white.


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  • If you’re gonna be a troll, at least try to make it believable


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  • Canada is definitely NOT 80% black. As an inhabitant, I can say that the farther north you go (in Ontario and Quebec at least), the whiter it gets. In places like Toronto (GTA) there is so much diversity that a percentage of black - white just is not applicable. In many parts of the GTA like Brampton and Scarborough, you can find a large brown (Indian) majority. Whereas if you go to like Simcoe County, you will see much fewer (but still some) people of colour. I've never been to BC or Alberta, so I can't speak for there, but Quebec and the Maritime Provinces seem predominantly white as well - at least when you go out into the country.

    • Canadians are black. America is an all white country. Hehe

  • Good troll question if you're trying to race bait.


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