Everyone believes what they are thinking or feelibbg is the RIGHT thing. But who is right or decides?

We all have thoughts and opinions on everything sometimes we think in the same way or want to think in a different way or want to have different opinion to be better or wiser than the other person to feel good about ourself and I think by doing this this we are competing with each other for no reason. What you think?
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What Girls Said 1

  • I don’t want to say the right answer is limited to only facts or feelings because it depends on the situation. If you comment a specific scenario I would be happy to give my thoughts.

    • What if your parents choose a life partner for you which they think perfect for you but you're in love with a criminal who could go to jail anytime but you you think and believe no matter what you love him and are going get married to him and you parents are against it coz they think you'll regret and unhappy but you would be like this is your life your decision you know what's best for you...

    • First off, I would never marry someone just because my parents picked them for me. But I would also respect my parent’s opinions on the matter. My mom actually went through a scenario like this herself. She ended up moving on from the man she was with, partly due to her parent’s persuasion. I would more than likely do the same, because the facts are...
      A. This man lives a life of bad decisions.
      B. There is more than one person out there for me.
      I would also say that your feelings take the lead in the situation when you decide to find someone new, that your parents did not push onto you. That is what I would do.
      Fact: parents don’t always know what’s right for you, but they just want to see you happy.
      Also Fact: You know yourself better than anyone else, but sometimes in the spurr of emotions you experience, you do need some logical, well thought-out, outside input.

      I know this from experience. Hope this helps!

What Guys Said 1

  • As I always say, morals are subjective, I don't argue with people that feel things because they aren't arguing what IS right, they are arguing what they would like to be right. No point in arguing against it.


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