Aren't Iranians Indo Germanic people who are trapped in Middle East?

When people say Middle East, Turks, Arabs and Iranians comes to mind. However, Iranians are not Middle Easterns at all. They are Indo Germanic people who are trapped in Middle East. Aren't they?


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  • İranians and their obessians with being white. İranians are same people with İndians. Deal with it. You are far away from being white.
    İndo aryans are hairy brown ugly people.

  • No, there is actually zero evidence connecting ancient Germanic tribes to Iran. The confusion comes from the use of the word Aryan. Early Persian writings refer to Persians as Aryan. A specific piece often cited has a Persian king stating that he is Aryan. This has given rise to the supposition that these people must have been white. But the word Aryan as used in a historical sense refers to ethnicity rather than race. The ancient Aryan people were Vedic-Indic people. They were not Caucasian.

    Today we have white-supremacists calling themselves Aryan. This just goes to show how incredibly stupid white-supremacists are. They have named themselves, ever so proudly, after a non-white race!


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  • What's with your strange obsession with Iranian people?


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  • Iranians are Persians, they are Indo-Aryan, not Germanic, but yeah, they are closer to European ethnic group, not Middle Eastenern ethnicity.


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